Witching Stick

Terra Sophia, Anderson Valley, CA

Intuitive Plein Air Painting Class 
Saturday, October 26

with Shiloh Sophia 

Greetings Dear One!
You are invited to gather with me and a circle of women for a daylong painting class exploring intuition in nature. Listening to the land, trees and open sky! 
Our day together will include soil and leaf in our paint water. Each of us will create an image that for us represents this concept of intuition, sourcing, and knowing. 

The ancient practice of water witching has been around in many lands for a very long time. A family member ‘water witched’ to find our wells, I remember the day very well.
This day is not about witch craft, but about listening and knowing with water and earth. Practicing your own direct knowing and a day of play.... All of your painting materials, lunch and wine are included!

Should you have further questions, please contact sarah@musea.org
We hope to have you join us! 


A Daylong class 11-6pm

Painting materials + 20x24 canvas included.
Bring your own brushes

Includes your lunch and
wine tastes for Witching Stick wines

If there is interest in camping or an overnight please email for details shilohsophia@gmail.com 

Registration is $245 or 2 payments of $125

Proposed Schedule Overview - Subject to some change:

Here is an outline of our plans for how we will spend our days together. The timing may adjust. We just wanted you to see the possibilities that we have in store for you. 

About Meals 

We will not be doing coffee before, but feel free to bring along with you. Your lunch is included. We will have non-gluten options and avoid most common allergens.

Bring snacks to share as well as beverages you would like during the day. There is a small fridge in the studio.

What to Bring

For Painting:

  • Canvas and paint provided
  • Bring your brushes
  • Smock or clothes you don't mind getting paint on

For Wearing:

  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • A repellent that deals with mosquitoes, ticks, etc.
  • Comfortable close-toed walking shoes or sandals that you can stand and walk-in. 
  • Lighter, casual clothing and layers, as it may be hot or not. Remember we are in the country, and comfort is key to an enjoyable experience.

Sunday, August 25: Opening Red Thread Circle

2:30 Arrive + Bring light snacks to share - cold drinks will be provided. 

If you are camping you can come at 1:00 to get set up and pick your spot.
Prep Note: No need to bring a journal or art supplies today. Note that the weather is around 90 degrees during the day, so dress light and in shoes you can walk in. Rough dirt roads and hills. Nighttime temps are cooler in the 60's, so bring warm clothing.

If you think you will arrive later than 3pm, please send Uma a text message. Please eat a good lunch before you come. There are a few places in Boonville, but not many.

3:00 - 6pm: Opening Circle, Calling in the Directions and Honoring the Land 

Dinner will be right after circle closing. Bring a bottle of wine, beer or other non-alcoholic beverage to share. 

Terra Sophia, Philo California

We are painting outside, under trees and there is shade, but it is dusty and rustic in nature.

There is an outdoor bathroom for your use and outdoor shower. Internet and cell service is spotting - there is a house phone. 

There is no smoking or any open flame.

Monday, August 26:  Arrive at 10:30

11:00am – 6pm: Opening Circle for the Alchemist Archetype 
Painting Sessions + Lunch with talks from Uma, Sepha, Terre and Tammra about leading workshops. Followed by dinner together at the land by Chef Jonathan. Followed dinner at the tables by an Introduction to Sumi-e by Annette to the journals and opening paints. Feel free to stay to KEEP PAINTING until dark (but clean up is on your own)

Prep Note: There is no need to bring any food this day. The next day we are headed for Mendocino after the morning session, so bring a backpack or basket for some walking or hiking. Some swim, but it is cold. Do you want to sit on a blanket, bring one, (otherwise there is soft sand and logs). Please find 2-3 women who can be your communication buddies and get one another's phone numbers.

Tuesday, August 27:  Arrive at 11 am in Mendocino for Cafe with Shiloh Sophia at the beach. Bring your cup of tea or coffee. And croissants will be provided by the IC Guild.
A map will be provided for where to meet.

11:00am – 7pm: Following the cafe we have Sume-i with Annette. Then head to Mendocino no-host lunches and shopping and exploring the village. Following lunch, we meet back at the beach for Talking Stick findings and teachings with Terre and Tammra at around 4. This will be followed by a closing circle led by Uma and Sepha. Lavendar Grace will join us at 5:30 for song and so we should be complete by 7pm.

Dinner in Mendocino on your own on the coast or your choice - carpooling together. Prep: Bring cash for dinner and you'll want to make a reservation somewhere in advance if you choose.

Wednesday, August 28: Arrive at 10:30

11:00am – 6pm: Painting Session + Bag Lunch + Paint and Write the stories of our Alchemists + Dinner on your own in town OR you are welcome to plan to be together on the land as long as you are charge of your own meal.

Prep Notes: For the meal this day we are having bag lunches. 
We will complete painting today and share them tomorrow. 

Thursday, August 29: CELEBRATION Feast

11:00am - 3pm: Opening Circle with painting and story presentation based on where you are so far until 1:30. Then Celebration Lunch. Followed by pack up!
Prep Notes: We will end by 3pm and suggest you give yourself time to say your goodbye's and leave the land, especially if you are planning a flight home that evening.

We all clean up together for all days.

“As a teenager, I made myself think about painting and drawing from nature all the time. I made myself do it. I made myself think about that instead of going out and partying or getting a new pair of blue jeans. What I knew was I was studying to be an artist.”

Sue Hoya Sellars

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Terra Sophia sunset

An Opportunity to Experience the Intentional Creativity Legacy Land: Terra Sophia

Registration + What's included

Get ready for a powerful experience located on the mountain top at Terra Sophia. You will be supported and loved by the beautiful trees, earth and landscape of this rustic land of our Intentional Creativity Ancestor, 
Master Painter, Sue Hoya Sellars.

Details for planning

Photos from September Witching Stick Class

Shiloh's Witching Stick Painting from September's class

Welcome! This event is currently closed for registration. A new date may be posted later on. For now, visit our upcoming events at: schoolofintentionalcreativity.org