Shiloh Sophia's new book:

Tea with the Midnight Muse 

Invocations and Inquiries to Awaken the Midnight Muse

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Soft & Hard Cover 340 Pages, 6X9



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AWAKEN the Muse

Tea with the Midnight Muse began with a book of prose, letters and poetry spanning over twenty years of Shiloh Sophia's life. Following each writing there is an inquiry with visioning, meditations and inspirations which bring the content of the poem to life for you personally!

Shiloh Sophia says: " I wrote these rants, blessings and dares over a period of twenty years as both personal healing remedies to light my own dark nights and to illumine the path of others whom I am called to serve. I call these invocations because they are designed to summon or call forth. The meaning of invocation is to call, invoke, give, spell or pray. "

Tea with the Midnight Muse refers to a sacred 'inner space' an engages your psyche, which is often hidden, just out of view, looking out from the shadows and sparkling in the stardust just out of the corner of your eye. She may surprise you, scare you and summon you to places within yourself you haven’t dared to go, late at night. She will have you shaking in your boots in no time. This is where we want to be, for in dangerous territory true transformation is possible.

The use of imagery, symbol, metaphor and a little bit of Muse mojo will provoke you to work with both sides of your brain, and gain access to spaces within your consciousness that haven’t been available before, or that weren’t available even a few minutes before.

About Shiloh Sophia and this book

Guiding those she works with to release and re-examine societal, familial and personal conditioning is the seed of Shiloh Sophia’s life long work and the inspiration for this material, Tea with the Midnight Muse.

The content of the book shouldn’t be surprising to anyone familiar with her work, as since her early years she has acted a rebel in resistance of the dominant paradigm. She wrote her first poetry, as a teen in her diary, about feeling captured and caged by societal norms. Her imagination expressed in writing and drawing was to become her medicine of choice to survive and provide an antidote for herself and others. Her first little flock in high school was called the Rage Club and would bring together the geeks, punks, gays and outcasts to organize around being who they were, without apology. She invited those close to her to create themselves and invent their own way through. And above all, examine, and if needed, reject what is expected of you by others, all so that you can reveal you to yourself.

Her philosophy of survival, and ultimately thriving, through creativity is an invitation to a quest to become more and more of one’s self, and a rebellion against whatever is currently deemed normal or standard. Dominant conformity frameworks change from age to age but never cease to dominate us until we are conscious of the invisible pressure it imposes. This domination, what she has affectionately and with candor coined, “Surviving the attack of the beige people,” has been a catalyst for her work with poetry, prose and paintings.  It was clear to her from an early age that fitting in was what would cost her everything that was precious and unique. Being an outcast meant freedom, albeit a sometimes lonely sentence.

“I live with an unreasonable hope that we might think for ourselves. My sacred assignment is to guide others to access their internal information. This happens through acts of intentional creativity. It is all within us, some of us just call it out. See there – see that cosmic portal, jump in there, and see what’s going on.”

Shiloh Sophia believes that when we encounter others who have their own information and are aware of it, we can get sparked and inspired in our own paths.  These are often the ones who are predisposed towards the condition or diagnosis of a ‘creative:’ poets, painters, musicians, dancers, actors, dissidents. Being with them or their work, something in us remembers, and calls us forward. “When we answer, the real movement of awakening begins and the path begins to reveal itself, stone by stone, in front of us. Where there once was no path, now we are called forward by a force greater than we knew was in there, but was within us all along - our own unique voice. This is holy ground.”

As she developed her writing and painting, she began to see the impact it had on others. She had a fixation on people not only having access to themselves, but accessibility to the access: painting and writing that meets people where they are. Not some high and mighty version of poetry and paint that from its loft becomes unavailable to the untrained eye or ear, but something that could almost pass as normal and therefore sneak through to the ones who may need it the most. To those who may have thought they had no use of poetry or painting, this could be the opening.

What if you surrender trying to be good enough

or arriving somewhere where you think you should be

or even believing in yourself in a particular way.


Sometimes these 'goal-minded' approaches

just lead you back into the same loop

you have been trying to untie since childhood.


"This magical book that you hold in your hands is not just a collection of poems as much as it is a treasure trove of creative reverence. A sacred portal into the living heart of divine feminine wisdom. And a soulful pilgrimage into sustainable grace fueled by wild intuitive knowing." 

Chris Zydel, Artist and Founder of Creative Juice Arts

"Shiloh Sophia is a visionary genius. Her Intentional Creativity work, paintings, poetry, writings, and creative offerings inspire women to rise up and become who they've always wanted to be. Her writings captivate your soul and raises it up to the sunlight. She is powerful beyond measure and her words and poems always fascinate. If you long to feel seen and understood, look no further."

Amy Ahlers, Best Selling Author, Big Fat Lies and Co-Author of Reform Your Inner Mean Girl

This collection has made a decision to be useful. These poems want to be used, to be read at the openings of circles, at workshops, before sleep at night and upon rising, emailed to friends, and read over the phone to lovers. They want to be chanted like prayers over steaming cups of tea. They want to call your Muse from slumber and into action. They want to stir hope and inquiry and insight, to cause a thought that hasn’t been thought before to rise to the surface and change everything as you know it. Any usage you have, even lighting them on fire, makes these words come alive, especially if they provoke you to write!


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© 2017 Shiloh Sophia

What is needed is not to be good enough

or to finally believe you are ready for

whatever it is you think you should already be doing.



What is needed is to be who you are. Whoever that is.

To ask yourself in each moment of doubt or failure:

How can I be more me, right now?


Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has been painting, writing poetry, publishing books and teaching at universities, the United Nations and in her own programs and around the world for over twenty years.


Her soul work is inspired by the idea that self expression is a basic human right and that each person has a right to know how they think and feel and the freedom to express it in the world. Her research and development around this idea has focused on serving women and girls through giving them access to methods of transformational art-making through stories, symbols and inquiry.


She is the co-curator and founder of the Intentional Creativity Foundation and Cosmic Cowgirls, a woman and girl owned school that serves between 500 and 5000 women a month through revolutionary education, both virtual an on-location. Their school, inn and museum are located in Sonoma County, California and are called Musea Sophia.


Shiloh Sophia also founded a teacher training program, Color of Woman training, which certifies women to teach Intentional Creativity worldwide. Currently there are close to 200 teachers in the lineage who are part of the Intentional Creatives Guild.

Tea with the Midnight Muse is a collection of writings spanning twenty years in the form ‘Letters from the Red Thread Café. These were poetic letters, rants, prayers and invocations written to her global community of women and the men who love them, sharing her own story as well as the story of the collective feminine. This book is an invitation to take a deep dive into the uncharted territory of the muse as an access point to your own creative fire.

With 80 inspirational readings followed by inquiry, guided journeys and journal prompts you are led across an alchemical bridge to discover a secret room where your own juicy wisdom and ideas can be discovered. This is a call to transcend the old stories and patterns step into a new framework. One that lights you up, because it is guided from the deepeset place within yourself. This is an invitation to have tea with the midnight muse, it’s a quantum happening and you are invited.

These invocations have the power
to cast off the spells held in place
by frameworks that are not your own.
Invitations to find your own patterns
are seeded everywhere inside these pages.
The inquiries are designed to seduce
the sleeping one within you to wake in curiosity,
yawn, and stretch into soul space.
The illuminations spark insight
into the shadows of your unrevealed self.
Imagination probes that open you
to the potency of the possible are woven in.
Incantations to open the mystical pathways
that exist between the worlds.
Ideas that have been waiting for your attention.
Invitations to lick the fire
by having tea with the midnight muse. 

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Shiloh has taught her work at universities in Global PhD and Masters programs, bringing the technology of Intentional Creativity into academia. She has also presented her work and research at the United Nations 4 years in a row at UNCSW.


Shiloh has published many books on creativity, including coloring books and journals, and has illustrated books and decks including the Mother Mary Oracle with Alana Fairchild and Hard Times Require Furious Dancing for Alice Walker. Her most recent book, Tea with the Midnight Muse, features twenty years of poetry as invocation, along with inquiries to spark your Muse fuse!


Intentional Creativity is a lineage that is ancient in origin, since almost all peoples have made art representing everything from the cosmos to their relationship with the Great Spirit and nature to tell a story. This is intention. Intentional Creativity is a combination of image, word and inquiry. In more recent history, the lineage comes to us from Lenore Thomas Straus, who worked with the New Deal Artists and trained Shiloh’s mentor, Sue Hoya Sellars. Sue and Shiloh’s mother, Caron McCloud, a poet, worked together with Shiloh to bring the method to the world.


She lives in the vineyard lined hills with her husband, Jonathan, who is also a poet and artist. Their Muses can be found most mornings having tea and discussing quantum physics, philosophy and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe.




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"...Invocations for the heart and soul that stir stuff up published a dream seed she's been bringing into form for years - a compilation (aka book) of invocations, poems and the like that not only inspire me, but I use them ALL the time to start my circles, virtual and in person. This is a great gift to the community of women and girls at just the right time. If you lead circles and groups, get this and use it. And keep some for yourself on the days you need tea with the midnight muse..."

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"Tea with the Midnight Muse by Shiloh Sophia McCloud is a big bouncing bountifully beauty of a book that caused me to helplessly alliterate with all the B's! And B is also for Bodacious, which this book certainly is. If you want to be surprised, activated, uplifted, drenched in the profound perspectives, honored as an artist and creative soul, supported in doing and being the NEW, and learn how to tell and live your new stories, then you want this book NOW."

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