Shiloh Sophia's latest book of poetry, Shelter of the Sacred

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Shelter of the Sacred is a book of poetry spanning two years: 2016-2017 by Shiloh Sophia. Within these pages are many of our community favorites: She Will Become Stardust, For Those Who are Obsessed, Hidden Self, Whispering to Hurricanes, This Revolution Will Not Be Ugly, Marking Death and Something is Happening!

Many of these were published in her Red Thread Letters and through her Artist Shiloh Sophia Facebook they were shared hundreds of thousands of times since they resonated with so many. And there are many you haven't seen yet that haven't been published before from her journal.

The past two years has seen many changes and confrontations. From the hurricanes, fires, floods, shootings, climate changes, broken agreements, #metoo, drilling on Native Land and election impacts, the poems bring her reactions to life. A response to what is happening that is both fresh, and awake and yet also is a reckoning. A call for each of us to look at our part in the great unfolding as in For Those Who Are Obsessed and Secrets of the Unicorn Card. The primary themes are on encountering tragedy, creating resilience and choosing yourself no matter what. There is also, as always a true to form call to say yes, to show up and to participate as in We Have Been Waiting for You and Cantos for Reclamation. 

These poems, not unlike Tea with the Midnight Muse, will be great for circles and ceremonies - but also for self healing, reflection and inspired action. There are also personal poems woven in for her love, Jonathan McCloud and members of her community and lineage including a few new intimate works for Caron McCloud, Mary MacDonald, Sue Sellars and Lenore Thomas Straus.

Author Shiloh Sophia
Publisher: Cosmic Cowgirls Ink LLC
222 Pages - Soft Cover

Unloyalty to the Soul 

A soft green leaf

falls into your lap

and you cry and

you don’t know why.

The tender veins

on the underside of the leaf

show you a vision:

The murky edge of a relationship

gone awry and suddenly you know:

You have been untrue,

to the primary relationship:


You didn’t know:

Now you do.

Patterns and beliefs

so entrenched they seem true.

We just don’t know

where to look at first.

Our relationship to truth

has always been complicated.

She Will Become Stardust


She will forget the fairies for a while.

She will try to hide her skinned knees

behind longer dresses.

She will put down her crayons.

She will try to fit in, 

and begin to hide parts of herself.

She will stop singing to birds

and lose the bridge to her imagination.

She will wonder where babies come from.

She will, even at this age, 

think about having babies.

She will make friends with the underdog.

She will wonder who will love her.

She will pray to the sky.

She will remember just enough to find her way.

Here's a peek at the Table of Contents

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The mail arrived yesterday and with it a small box. "Oh yes, it's her new book," I remembered. The book sat on the granite counter of my kitchen until the end of the day. Just before heading to bed, I cracked it open to a random page and read. And then I read the next page and the next and the next. I didn't want to stop. Shiloh's writing is lush and the inspiration makes the room seem bigger. If you haven't purchased the book yet, I'm going to say what I said about her last book, buy it and read it now! I haven't read it all yet, but it's worthy already. Thank you Artist Shiloh Sophia. Catherine White Gardener