An Invitation to a class designed to rock your reality!

Note From Shiloh Sophia, Your Visionary Tour Guide
You are invited to the first in a series of conversations called The Red Talks designed to create and catalyze cosmic connections.
Our blazingly brilliant creatively inspired Teachers for our our class are none other than my very own friends:
 Shasta Nelson ~ Samantha Bennett  ~ Christine Arylo ~ Maggie Ostara  ~ Meggan Watterson ~ Amy Ahler ~ SARK

Your Host is Mary MacDonald aka "Stella Mac" of Cosmic Cowgirls University

Explore the connection between intentional creativity and quantum physics and how you can utilize their combined gifts through imagination. Our teachers will share with you HOW they access information in the creation of their books, paintings, events, content.



Expand the way you are accessing your own internal wisdom through the layers of consciousness - both unconscious and subconcious, and learn about alchemical consciousness. Our teachers will share about how they learned to work in the invisible realms.


Experience 'virtual ritual' through Visioning, Red Thread Circle, Creative Actions and Practices designed to connect you with the collective field of those gathered, as well as your own energy field. Our class will give you tools you can put into use immediately, during the class!


Express yourself based on what you experience in class through writing, drawing and sharing with our Red Thread Community. Our class will provide exercises you can do to connect right and left brain with the heart as well as stir the Creative Muse within you to WAKE up.

Perhaps you have been feeling like you want to access your creative self but don't have the time for a big long journey. This will be 7 hours of wisdom spread over 7 weeks brought to your inbox. You can attend live and we will send the recording of the class within 48 hours. You will have up to one week to listen and engage with other students about our class topic.

Divine Timing

Revolutionary Education

This class features 7 teachers sharing their unique story, essential wisdom and techniques for connecting more deeply with your creativity, and yes, it is FREE to attend. Red Talks is a collaboration and is co-created by our amazing guest teachers who run their own companies forged from their creativity, as well as Cosmic Cowgirls University, Red Thread Nation and Shiloh Sophia Studios.

The foundation of this class is based in four areas: spiritual practice, intentional creativity, neuroscience and quantum physics. In each class we will share with you nuggets of wisdom about how how we really work with our right and left brain connected to the wisdom of the heart and how quantum creativity can be put to use in your life. Today.

Our incredible teachers are designing classes JUST for you in Quantum Creativity
Learn more about them by going to their sites - just click on their name below.

StellaMac ~ Shiloh Sophia

Shasta Nelson ~ Samantha Bennett  ~ Christine Arylo ~ Maggie Ostara 
Meggan Watterson ~ Amy Ahlers ~ SARK


Your possibilities are so much more than you imagine - let's imagine them together!

So bring your cup of tea, your journal and a box of colored markers and let's have a good

Red Talk!

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Access Quantum Creativity Now!

Science and Spirituality

There is so much more available to us in terms of how we access who we are and what we want to cause and create in the world.

Creatives live from that place of spaciousness and the amazing news is that we want to share it with you through Quantum Creativity.


Shiloh Sophia








Teachers. Visionaries. Luminaries. Revolutionaries. Wild Spirited Women. Movement Creators.

~ Shiloh Sophia shares about Quantum Creativity in one of her Red Talks as featured on 'Red Thread Nation' ~

The live event is now over - however the class is available for purchase for only $147  

Promotional Pricing! Only $27 for a limited time.

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