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I get this cosmic view of this life force literally moving into a sheet of matter. As this life form moves into it, the part that’s already in the material has features, where before it doesn’t have those features. It has a very modified subtle kind of presence. What I do with this stuff is I automatically make a quantum leap into the cosmos with it."

~ Sue Hoya Sellars, 2010

Hosted by Annette Wagner,
Art Doctor & Color of Woman Teacher

At the Cosmic Cowgirls Studio, Healdsburg

When I paint, I connect to the essence of what I see, what is called the “chi”, the life or breath contained in the tree, a rock or a sea shell before me. I create wherever I happen to be – in my backyard, hiking along a trail, traveling through the desert, or hanging out with Grandmother Ocean.

I work in the Intentional Creativity field as a teacher and art doctor; everything I create begins with intention. With my Earth Prayers, I create with the intention of honoring the earth upon whom I walk as well as providing opportunities for others to step into a deeper connection with their heart and their planet.

I studied painting with American Master painter Sue Hoya Sellars who first taught me sumi-e; she was taught by her teacher, Lenore Thomas Straus. My background includes a M.A. in Women’s Spirituality, 21 patents from hi-tech land, and I’m a certified instructor of the Intentional Creativity Method developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis. You can visit me at or read my articles on the Cosmic Cosgirls Magazine

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Paint Where You Are 2016 Schedule

All dates are sundays.

This year we explore the point
at which energy begins to take on form. 

$50 per session
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When does the dust of cosmos begin to take on form? Together we will paint the cosmos and learn about this dust that inhabits us. 

Write what we see. 

Walk in nature, connect, learn to write what you paint. To write strokes of grass and waves and feathers. 

Learn from a master.

Together we will explore the works of Sue Hoya Sellars, her journals and notes. 

What happens at Paint Where You Are Sundays?

Annette Wagner, Color of Woman Intentional Creativity teacher and one of Sue's students will provide one-on-one art doctoring, painting demonstrations on things like the cosmos, how to make Sue black paint (aka swamp mud), and take you on a nature walk with a sumi-e lesson or two. She will bring some of Sue's work so we can share and learn from the our master Art Matriarch. Annette will share instruction on technique, composition, brushes, and whatever else needs to happen to meet you where you are on your painting. 



How does Paint Where You Are work?

These painting sessions are for those who have prior experience painting in the Intentional Creativity Method, want to deepen their work, further their own personal style, and are able to work somewhat independently. 

Bring a painting (or two) in progress along with YOUR OWN painting supplies, brushes, paints, etc. We work with what YOU work with in your studio. (No studio supplies available.)

The doors open at 10:30am. Painting and art doctoring will run from 11am to 5pm.

Bring your own lunch and something to share in community. Sometimes we do go off to dinner together afterwards. Usually very impromtu!

The day will begin with a mini-red thread circle (not an extended check-in).

All proceeds go towards paying the rent at Cosmic Cowgirls Studio so we can continue this tradition. 

You can come and paint, write, or work on whatever creation you are working on. There is WIFI at the studio.  

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PAint Where YoU ARE 2016 

March 20th

May 22nd

July 17th

September 18th

November 20th

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