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Explore Her Mysterious Her-story

ReVision Your Image of Her

Explore and deepen a relationship with the Black Madonna: She who calls to the hidden places within you and invites you to a sacred revisioning.

Paint Your Own Version of Her appearance in YOUR life using the proven step-by-step Color of Woman Method to create an icon of the Black Madonna in arylic on canvas.


Who is She?

And where can she be found?
She is everywhere but most of all
She lives within You. Here's my story.

Discover and claim the historical evidence of Her presence in your life, in your time, in your lands and how the people have kept Her vigil for thousands and thousands of years.

Dear One,

I am writing to you from Paris. It is my second year here and my chance to see Black Madonnas in person. Last year I recorded this video at the Black Madonna of Paris which shares a bit of her story and a bit of mine about Her in my life, it's a bit long but perhaps you will enjoy hearing my story and will tell me your own. This year however when I visited Chartres for the second time, I had a quite a surpise. 

The Lady of the Pillar was different this year, instead of being Black, she was white. I still find it difficult to speak about the impact this restoration had on me, and on many of the students travelling with me.  It sparked a deep complex dialogue in my community, The Red Thread and The Red Madonna. From the conversation I have decided to lead this class - both live and livestream so that each of us is able to access and create her for ourselves. Our Lady of the Pillar is our entry point and we will move from there into both the history and evidence of Her - but most importantly into your own story of the feminine, and of Her.

As a Christian Orthodox woman, I get the gift of living consciously and openly with the Great Lady and her child Jesus, since she is very present in many skin colors in my tradition and she also holds the red thread.  I am intimately connected with the Lady and have been for close to twenty years but still find myself rather speechless to try to explain the intricacies of my relationship with Her and plus it changes and breathes. However, when we paint Her, she comes to life in our hearts - She makes an appearance in our hearts and finds home there within us. There is solace here. I invite you to spend the day with me, and in the presence of the Great Lady in Her form as none other than the Black Madonna.

There are close to 500 Black Madonna's all over the world - and her next appearance is in your heart.

Votre, Live from the Cafe in Paris
Maestra Shiloh Sophia



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... and yes I have read almost everything written about the 'reasons' both from a spiritual and from a restoration standpoint - but what I am speaking to is my own emotional experience - not the facts about why it happened.

READ about the experiences of those who have taken this course:

Words can hardly express the depth of my gratitude for being a participant in the Black Madonna live stream offered by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis. Through Shiloh’s  guidance and leadership, I was able to go within to find the Black Madonna’s personal message  for me and then articulate it onto the canvas in a deeply profound way.  I have only modest experience with painting the human form, yet Shiloh’s Color Of Woman methods made it seem easy and fearless. I can truly say this event has been life changing, it's nothing short of magical the way the old "life stories" become transformed and empowered through listening and laying brush to canvas.  ~ Ree Altavilla

I found the Black Madonna live stream workshop with Shiloh Sophia to be a wonderful experience, opening me up to new levels of creativity and, also, spirituality. It is so amazing to me how the classes, although online, seem to come alive. I felt totally supported by the online community who are always there to share their experiences, also. Together, I feel, we all called up to The Black Madonna and she appeared to each of us. It was a tremendous experience!  ~ Deborah Boni

After hearing about the white washing “restoration” of the Black Madonna at the Chartres Cathedral in France, I felt drawn to paint a Black Madonna to deeply honor her. I also wanted to paint with other women and felt lucky Shiloh Sophia provided this sacred space and offering to the Great Lady…a chance to paint together while in studios all over the world.  I absolutely loved the LiveStream and the whole process.  The visioning, the painting, the connection with other women to honor the Black Madonna was extraordinary. 

The Mother who nurtures our Mother by Ree Altavilla

The images that came to me were powerful and strong, as were the messages from Her.  This painting most reflects my true, natural style and I believe it came forth so strongly because we were honoring her together.  I continued to work on the painting two days later, listening to Shiloh’s videos again and felt just as connected as when the stream was live.  My message from Our Lady of Life? To live & do my sacred work in the world & not to be afraid. And to truly be myself, a la Dr. Seuss: "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"  

I thank Shiloh and Our Lady of Life for a personal transformational shift and the creation of sacred space in the world  focusing on love, peace, and the divine feminine in the midst of chaos.  This livestream offering is a true gift to yourself and the world.  ~ Rachel Bavis


The Mother who nurtures
our Mother by Ree Altavilla

Our Lady of Loving by Shiloh Sophia


Shiloh Sophia summoning us into vision on the day of the livestream and her painting: Our Lady of Loving. 


TO JOIN US for this amazing class!

Watch the Sacred Lady manifest on Shiloh Sophia's canvas…join us in creating your own Sacred Lady!