What are we going to do?

Well we don't know since it is subject to the Muse of the Maestra but rumour has it that it usually includes:
Learning about Intentional Creativity
Experiencing a Red Thread Circle
Visionary Imagination Journey
Step-by-Step Painting Process
You get a cool painting out of the deal
Light your Muse Fuse
Discover the 3 things your Muse cannot live without.

Usually she talks about brain science and quantum physics combined with obscure facts and unreasonable dares.

This could lead to dancing.

What's the truth or dare part of the day? 
We don't know. The Muse hasn't told us yet but she made us write it down. Muses are like that. Full of surprises. Once you sign up you may find things begin to get wild immediately.

Chocolate for the

Most of us don't know who we really are.
If we don't know who we really are, how can we know what we really want?
How can we know what is ours to cause and create in the world?
We cannot remain asleep to our gifts any longer, it's wake up time.
When we wake up, we are able to access conscious choice
and connect with our own inherent wildness.
No one but you has access to this information.
How do you get it?
Self-expression is the key, and the door itself.
Hint: the chocolate is part of what helps turn the key in the lock of the subconcious.
Did you think your chocolate fix was just a simple fixation? 
Oh no darling it is far worse – and far better than that. 

Join Maestra Shiloh Sophia for a day of discovery in how to access your hidden information. This groundbreaking approach to accessing our subconscious stories can release our secret powers... from there we have no idea what will happen. Suffice to say you should bring chocolate with you to the Red Thread Cafe Classroom.
And glitter in your medicine basket.

FYI: This class should have a hazard label because you may learn things that change your mind forever. But the Muse refused to let us add the HOT HAZARD stickers to the page. So please join at your own risk. Neither Shiloh Sophia or Cosmic Cowgirls will be held responsible for your chocolate consumption during this experience
or the subsequent demands of your muse.


What is this about?
Maestra  Shiloh Sophia shares with you the 'technology' of the Muse as a tool for transformation. She's been developing this material for over 20 years in the her classrooms and the university setting with thousands of muses. This is all very serious. And if you think her 'mad' for teaching a class where chocolate and glitter are required elements then perhaps you should have tea with your Muse to discern the best possible path for you at this point in your journey.

If you have no idea what any of this means but the little hairs on your neck have been speaking to you about change, then consider bellying up the to feast table of Intentional Creativity. 
What do you bring?

Fill your Medicine Basket with the following materials:
Red Thread
Acrylic Paint 
Regular ole' Paper
Hole Punch
140. lb Watercolor Paper 22X30
Jar for Water

Tea or Coffee in your fav mug
Chocolate Cake or Bar/s
A shawl or scarf your Muse likes
Dance Jams

Phone for posting photos
Computer (update your video player)
Two windows: Our Red Thread Cafe FB page and the Livestream page where the recordings live.

Optional Madness: Come dress as your Muse even if you don't know what that is - just go to your closet and ask. 
Call a Muse party and invite friends to paint with you and eat cake and paint.


Don't you wonder what your Muse looks like and what she wants to tell you? This is worth getting excited about. But whatever you do, don't forget the friggen' chocolate. Shiloh's Muse also likes honey, as you can see in the painting here. And she has pink hair. Imagine that.

Curabitur id lectus. Phasellus venenatis commodo sapien in felis insed vamus quis risus ut turpis sagittis venenatis aliquam enim sem pretium vitae posuere ac mattis vitae arcu integer.

René Dubois, Executive Chef

And the point of all this really is?

To be together in the Red Thread. 
Connect with our playful creative selves and inner genius.

And most of all to enjoy each other....

Maestra Shiloh Sophia spends lots of time with her Muse and teaching other women to find their Muse. She teaches globally reaching 300-500 women per month using the Intentional Creativity Method of Intuitive Painting. Her unique approach to healing through transformational art is moving across the world bringing messages catalyzing much needed change in our approach to who we are, and who are becoming.

She has spoken at the United Nation two times on her work, teaches Art as A Spiritual Practice and Visionary Business at universities and has published 7 books. She is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC and Color of Woman, A Teacher Training program. She has owned art galleries for close to twenty years and has represented the work of over a 100 women artists.

She lives with her husband Jonathan Lewis in Sonoma County, California. And their Muses can often be found having tea and discussing the mysteries of the Universe.

A Class in Intentional Creativity with Maestra Shiloh Sophia to Light your Muse Fuse
 A Cosmic Cowgirls Collaboration


Are you ready to wake up to wildness and wonder?

 Truth or Dare?

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But even more of a deal if you are a member of the Red Thread Cafe, enter Chocolate (with a capital C) and get $30 special savings since you are special and you know it.

You can watch the recording
for up 6 months!

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$77 or $47 for Red Thread Cafe Members: Chocolate

Recorded LIVE on Friday, May 22, 2015     WATCH anytime!

Recorded LIVE on May 22: WATCH Anytime!

Do you know who you are?
Do you know where your genius lives?
Do you know how to light the fuse between imagination and pleasure?

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