Do you allow your year to just happen?
Or, do you design it with intention and excitement?
What if you designed your year based on something
other than goals and accomplishments?
What if you designed it based in the experience and feelings you want to have?

Do you think the outcome would be different? We do.

...::..Free Intentional Creativity Class..::.. 

Intuitive Painting + Playfulness + Prowess = MOJO 

M O J O 

M O J O 

What would happen if your Muse designed your year?

What’s Mojo?
Well it means what you think it means. It is used in slang to mean - get things going - move with power and prowess, inner juice. It was originally associated with energy connected with a charm, a mojo. Not unlike Intentional Creativitty -  putting attention on something to charge it up. For us it means putting SOUL JUICE into your year as directed by your MUSE

 Design your year inspired by what excites and lights you up! Your MOJO Year process is a completely free creativity class - invite a friend to join you and have a creativity party! (Maybe you should order a cake!)


Together we will create a hand painted MOJO Year Book for your Senses that will guide and inform your entire year from a place of sensuality, potential, passion, possiblity & prowess! We will be working with your 13 senses to design the year that wants to happen. Often when we design we invent from the mind and or money and or what we 'think' we should be doing. MOJO comes from a different place in the body, gut and heart than we usually create could get hot in here. You have been warned!

All you need are some basic materials: 22X30 piece of watercolor paper, paints, sharpies, glitter

With your PCTV Host, Maestra Shiloh Sophia
with Intentional Creativity Guild Members including Kerry Lee Laird,  Tina Greene, Dominique Peters, Kate Langlois, Mary  McCrystal, Trish O'Malley, Elizabeth Gibbons, Eileen Nash, JP Kim, Victoria Hester & Andrea Christensen!



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