Join us for a sacred journey into art history, ritual and legends
with Mary Magdalene on her feast day.

A mystical feminine archetype surrounded by myth and mystery has entered into the psyche of women. 

For some reason, although many do not know why, we feel called to know her story and to bring her into our lives.

She appears to be speaking to us from the pages of our books and the images we see and those held within. She is the most imagined and painted feminine, only second to the Blessed Mother.

How would it feel to interpret her for yourself – to see how she wants to be revealed upon your own canvas. What colors, messages and symbols will appear?

Painting using intentional creativity is a voyage into the inner world to discover what is hidden within you and bring it forth into form. 

Magdalena Class Details

ONLINE CLASS: This Online Class was previously recorded via Livestream on July 22nd. You will receive instant access to this class upon registration and have access to the recordings for 5 months. This class includes the Magdalena painting process, led by Shiloh Sophia, as well as Kayleen's Teaching: Apostle to the Apostles. 

22 DAY NOVENA DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX: You'll also receive a 22 Day Novena from Kayleen, starting on Saturday, July 23rd. When you register, we will add you to the Novena, so that you begin to receive these daily messages via email. 

PAINTING & COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Support on your painting process and community interaction will be provided through our private Red Thread Cafe Classroom on Facebook. For one week following the live class, we will have Color of Woman teachers available to answer any questions you may have about your painting process.

REGISTRATION: Upon registration, you'll receive all pertinent information for this class, including how to join our Red Thread Cafe Classroom and a Materials List to prepare your home studio - we will be working with acylic paint on canvas and lots of water.

ALL ARE WELCOME: No painting experience is needed, this is a step by step approach called the Intentional Creativity Method. All faiths are welcome – with awareness and sensitivity to our subject matter - we are focusing on a Saint within the Christian tradition.

Celebrate her feast day with a global community of women.

Experience Magdalena focused rituals, teachings and readings.

Learn about the legends of one of the most famous feminine archetypes in the world.

Paint an inspired icon of Mary Magdalene 
from your own experience of her message for you.

We love her and we are sharing our love with you!

Scholar, Historian, and Musician Kayleen Asbo, will join with Visionary Artist, Poet and Maestra Shiloh Sophia to invite you to imagine and paint your Magdalene. Guided by the scriptures and legends of her life we will guide you on a sacred journey to connect with the Magdalene. We both have unique dynamic relationships with the Magdalene and look forward to sharing our personal experience with you. We have been friends for many years and this is our second class together about her.

Kayleen wrote her doctoral dissertation on Mary Magdalene after visiting her sacred sites and studying all of her legends; she preaches and teaches about Mary Magdalene in churches and colleges around the world. Shiloh Sophia’s Christian name is Magdalena and Jonathan asked her to marry him on the steps of L'église de la Madelein Paris. You will learn more about our relationship with her through our class.

Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D has been following, researching, teaching and preaching about Mary Magdalene all over the world for  the past twelve years. A professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Osher Lifelong Institutes at UC Berkeley, Dominican University and Sonoma State University, her classes have been hailed as “truly transformational experiences of wisdom, passion and scholarship”.  Kayleen  holds three master’s degrees ( in music, psychology and mythology) and wrote her Ph.D dissertation on “Passion and Paradox: Mary Magdalene Through Music, Art and Culture” for the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Kayleen has presented classes, workshops and retreats on Mary Magdalene at the Assisi Institute of Depth Psychology in Italy, the Veriditas Pilgrimage to Chartres Cathedral in France, the Esoteric Quest at Carcassonne, Oxford University and at churches, seminaries and retreat centers throughout the United States.

For the last three years, she has attended the United Nations CSW Commission on the Status of Women focusing on Human Rights and the role creativity plays in healing post-trauma issues. 

She was Adjunct Faculty in the Global Transpersonal Psychology Ph.d. and Masters of Women’s Spirituality programs at Sofia University (formerly the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology) for over ten years teaching classes on visionary business practices  and using art as a sacred practice. 

Her Color of Woman School trains and certifies teachers to lead workshops in Intentional Creativity.

She is currently involved in a research project discovering how Intentional Creativity can heal trauma – specifically compassion-fatigued, traumatic brain injury and recovery from abuse. Global outreach for the Intentional Creativity movement and work in development is gathered under the umbrella of the Red Thread Nation (pending 501c3).

Most days you will find her in her studio, The Red Thread Café, sipping her coffee alongside her husband, Jonathan Lewis. She considers life a great adventure – one we get to ‘choose’ to experience. 

A Shiloh Sophia Studios Project

© 2016 Shiloh Sophia Studios.

Class Tuition $122 - 22 day class with one day of painting instruction

PLUS a week of dedicated support.

No painting experience needed & do the class for up to 5 mo.


Shiloh Sophia McCloud is the founder of the global Intentional Creativity movement. Her life work for the past twenty years has been dedicated to designing approaches to awaken the intersection between the creative soul and consciousness.

Shiloh and her creative community, the Cosmic Cowgirls, work with between 300-5,000 women per month through revolutionary education and media. In 2014, she received an award proclamation from the City of Healdsburg for her work in the community serving women and girls.

Then Mary stood up.  She greeted them all,
addressing her brothers and sisters,
"Do not weep and be distressed nor let your hearts
be irresolute. For his grace will be with you all
and will shelter you.
~ The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

ABOUT THE NOVENA from Kayleen Asbo
Twenty-two days honoring the history of Mary Magdalene and the inspiration she has given the world. Each day will feature an image of stunning beauty (from the earliest icons of the Christian church up to modern creations by international photographers, painters and sculptors) along with stories about her life and teaching, videolinks to music, festivals and pilgrim sites associated with Magdalene and questions for reflection, plus resources to take you further on your journey.


Our last Magdalene class in April 2015

When God, who is transcendent in essence,
Came with flesh into the world, O Myrrhbearer,
He received you as a true disciple, for you turned all your love toward Him;
Henceforth you would yourself work many healings.
Now that you have passed into heaven, never cease to intercede for the world!

Kontakion from the Orthodox Tradition

We are are offering a 25% Scholarship for those who need it or are currently registered in a class from Kayleen or Shiloh Sophia. Use promo code: paint (all lowercase) at checkout

Join Us on this Sacred Journey!

Class Tuition $122

(25% Scholarship Discount for those who need it. Use promo code: paint (all lowercase) at checkout)

Our class is like a Magdalena Church on her feast day!

Shiloh's Teachings: Connect with her image, identity, symbols through Intentional Creativity
Kayleen’s Teaching: Apostle to the Apostles teachings and ceremony
Topics Explored
  • The importance of Pope Francis's proclamation about Mary Magdalene
  • The Contemplative Tradition and the Tree of Wisdom
  • Traditions of pilgrimage and Feast Day in France
  • Mary Magdalene's primary symbols
  • The Magdalene's unique relationship with Christ, and why she is important.
Magdalene Liturgy
Sung: Psalm 42, “As the deer longs for the waterbrook”
Lighting of the candles representing the eight boughs of wisdom from Gospel of the Beloved Companion
Reading of Psalm 139, v.1-18
Readings: from Gospel of John
Communion of milk and honey
Blessing and opening of the NOVENA for the next 22 days.

 Ritual, Painting & Teaching Class on her feast day July 22 (previously recorded)
followed by a 22 Day Novena delivered to your inbox daily from Kayleen
with images, writings, chants & prayers dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

A week of support in the Red Thread Cafe classroom from Intentional Creativity teachers 
with Shiloh Sophia, and special guest, Kayleen Asbo






Let's journey into the life and mystery
of the most sought after feminine messenger of the past 2000 years. 

She is a powerful archetype of a sovereign woman, teacher & the one called the Apostle to the Apostles.

M a g d a l e n a

22 Day Novena with special guest, Kayleen Asbo, with painting class from Shiloh Sophia, starting on her feast day 
Online Class, originally recorded on July 22nd, receive instant access to recordings for 5 months!

Kayleen Asbo: "Magdalene's first identity- as disciple apostle, teacher, preacher- has peered out from behind the shadows of history, but it has been difficult to scrape away the graffiti of the centuries. We are so blessed to live in a time where what has been buried is coming back into the light. I commend to you all two works that I believe best embody her teaching" The Gospel of Mary", translated and with commentary by the French Orthodox priest and Jungian therapist Jean Yves Leloup and "The Gospel of the Beloved Companion", translated by Jehanne de Quillan. Both purport to be texts that reveal the teaching of Mary Magdalene- a teaching that emphasizes the numinous possibilities within each one of, and that urges us to turn our hearts to the Good to reconnect and remember what is our true nature. It is a message of hope, liberation and transformation- deeply affirming and so necessary for our times. I have spent the past 12 years following a red thread all over the world and my greatest passion is to share with others the feast of what I have found. 

Paint your own image of her as she appears to you.