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Are you unconciously choosing
the default settting in your life?

“We aren't here to choose
the default setting on the identity of self.
We are here to invent ourselves.
Our bodies and souls were created
with such an infinite palellete of becoming.
Yet too often we don't continue to do the deep work
needed to move ourselves into a new terrain of being.

Being legendary doesn't mean doing something impossible,

Being legendary means you have chosen to explore your story and
become unapologetically yourself.
And to choose to live from the spaciousness
within one's own identity.

Now that is legendary.

You might wonder,
well how do I do that deep work
and take myself to the next level?

You invent your own archetype. That's how.


Voyage with us into a space where you are



CCQ: Cosmic Cowgirls Intelligence

These are some of the concepts we will work with that are made possible through the development of your unique creative intelligence. Access to creative intelligence shows you how to work with your imagination to power your life from your own juicy juju – which is often hidden within and for many, fragmented since childhood.

Creative acts consciously applied, i.e. intentional creativity, is THE TOOL that reveals the hidden stories, memories and symbols driving the unconscious and subconscious that create the story of your life. As long as our lives are directed by everything hidden we don’t get a lot of choice – or are aware that there is a choice.

Riding the edge of the veil: Making the paradox conscious so you can live from both worlds with an integrated understanding of identity.

Dancing where the wild things are: Begin the exploration and discover the distinctions of living from the truth of your quirky authenticity

Transforming your life into a Legend: Become at cause for authoring your future through developing the your creative prowess to shape your identity, and your desired story

Flying shotgun with Mystery: Learning how let go and journey deeply without a safety net, even when you don’t ‘trust the process’

We know life is a rodeo of the soul and we at Cosmic Cowgirls ride bareback - we are often creating impossible things and then saying - Let's just see where the energy goes! We aren't just along for the ride, we are in charge of our own personal rodeo. We are mystic badasses. Women who walk between worlds. Our tribe archeteype that creates space for all kinds of women who embrace the paradox is Cosmic Cowgirls.

We create who we are based on who we have been, who we are becoming and what feels right on the edge of danger, possibility and falling in love. Our edge is our comfort zone. Every other part of the landscape has already been seen, and the next adventure awaits us. This keeps it real.

In LEGEND: Archetype you will paint a painting, write a chronicle of your legend and connect with like hearted women. But that is the outcome of the deep inquiry dive.

What is really happy is that you are reclaiming your life - and inventing a life that matches you who are at the deepest level. No more pretending, it's just too much work. Our process could be dangerous so proceed with caution. Our students always say that our classes need a warning label. Consider that you have been warned....and that contents may shift during flight.

This is a call to live from and invent your archetype - to work with your identity at her very heart, who she is, what she wants, the path she wants to take. But we don't approach it head on, we look from the edge - peaking between the veils. This happens through creativity exploration that is devoted to a specific search.... the oldest question of all.

Who am I, really?

And I am up for re-invention?

A completely out of the box experience. Becoming a free-range woman.

A shamanic painting journey is one where we travel in the mystery. We don't really know where we are going - but we are journeying in to find out. Each of you will paint an image of your personal archetype using the 13 Step Intentional Creativity Method taught in the Color of Woman Teacher Training. You will be guided in deep inquiry diving by Stella Mac, Amber and Shiloh. You will paint a 3X4 canvas with large brushes, lots of water and big splashes of color that inlcudes your Archetypal symbols and glyphs and even a spirit animal if you choose.

Each of you will write your own myth with the guidance of Mary and Amber - a legend that is informed by your painting itself - what you learn from it, what is revealed.

Each painting tells a story. The story and painting are the archetype that wants to emerge for this next part of your personal journey - let's see who shows up. You will exit the box of how you have been showing up in your life and become a free range woman.

Your legendary self is at the center of this journey and the alchemical compass used in Color of Woman - an archetype that is in charge of weaving your story. She can work without direction and has your whole life - but if you want to occupy your life, it is time to encounter this formiddable achetype. She has her head in the stars and her boots on the ground straddling the worlds, she is after all, a Cosmic Cowgirl!.


January 1 ~ February 19
2 0 1 7



Your Guides: Amber "Diva Dawn" Bonnici, Mary "StellaMac" MacDonald
 and Shiloh "Lady Laughing Cloud" Lewis


1. Dates: This online painting and writing class is 7 weeks starting January 1 and you can work at your own pace - the videos are yours. There are also circle calls every two weeks and one live painting party  - all recorded. January 11th, 12:00 pm PST, January 25th, February 8th, February 15 12pm pst/3pm est. This class has been pre-recorded.
2. Delivery: Online FB classroom, Painting Videos with Amber and Shiloh + Guided Story process from Stella Mac + emails. There will also be Color of Woman Teachers to support you with your painting process.
3. Materials: You will receive your materials list - basically a 3X4 canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, spray bottle, journal for notes and sketching.
4. Time Commitment based on content: There are no weekly timing requirement but there are options. A few hours a week would be great. There will be over ten hours of videos of the 13 steps and if you don't join us live you have all 7 weeks to work on them in tandem with your story and the juicy discussions.

*Savings* - this is a special offer: Traditionally LEGEND classes are between $800-1200 depending on the duration due to the degree and depth of content.

If you are a Color of Woman applicant for 2017: This course is the required pre-requisite. However another version is offered as a part of your training, at no cost to you. The reason to do this one? Because if you are new to this work you need TIME to integrate this kind of working and you will likely need painting support. Because it is the fresh up to date muse infused content, because it features our lineage with an emphasis on Sue Hoya Sellars. Each LEGEND has a different theme so if this theme calls you - come!

The Cosmic Cowgirls have designed an experience for you that will catalyze your identity.


We will honor the lineage and the teachings of Sue Hoya Sellars - as all three of us were taught to paint by her. There will be storie and ritual about the original of Intentional Creativity. Amber guides us in a chant of lineage, and we hear there will also be a dance party!

Honoring the TEACHINGS


Using Inquiry and Intentional Creativity we will journey into our realms of consciousness. Into our interior landscape of symbols, shapes, colors, glyphs and myths to discover that which we cannot see with our ordinary eyes and ordinary reality mind. While in non-ordinary reality we will create, invent and discover.

Your path forward will be navigated and narrated from your painting and writing process. You will amaze yourself with what you discover. The painting will become your teacher of the archetype that is your own unique space - and she who is your story keeper and fire tender.


A Multi-faceted Experience in Intentional Creativity Awaits You

Dear Cosmic Being,

We are women who walk between worlds - holding paradox in the palm of our hands. We get to have way more choice in the invention of our life than most of us actually utilize. Your archetype functions as a shelter, a structure in which to design the context you live your life through - as well as develop the content that is sacred for your path. This is a chance for a new story to emerge - one where you author your own future.

We at Cosmic Cowgirls look forward to serving you in the unfolding of your own legend. This class is dedicated to Sue Hoya Sellars, her teachings and the great mystery of intentional creativity she brought to us. Many in our community say they feel her guiding them as they create - and feel her presence. This is a time be give thanks, remember a very legendary archteype known as Sue - as she embodied her full identity - and can inspire us towards our own individuality.

Chief Laughing Cloud


Turn towards your own story. Fall in love with what you get to create and who you get to be. Discover a deep belonging here on earth in the company of a tribe of wild wise women.

Here's a wacky tidbit - we are going to be working with owl medicine quite literally based on a present Sue left us in the freezer.

We all have a cosmic address. We are just cooling sacks of stardust ~ Sue Hoya Sellars

Sue Hoya Sellars 1936-2014

Sue Hoya Sellars - Illustration of Shiloh Sophia's hand in the cosmos

Take a deep dive through your personal myth and mystery with a painting and writing journey from the Cosmic Cowgirls. A voyage into the unknown depths of your psyche on a search for life, yours. A guided map to your creative intelligence will show you how to access your story from within, and call back together the lost parts of who you are. You don't fit into anyone else's story and you broke the mold when you flew onto earth. You have the power to unfold your own archetype. Shed past skins, molt your layers and design the future with your own inuited and invented archetype. We start on the first day of the year ... let's get this party started...


Your Guides for the Voyage

Chief Laughing Cloud, Stella Mac & Diva Dawn

A Word of Caution: Hanging out with women of a questionable reputation may be hazardous to your current paradigm. We have been known to be a danger to the establishment.

"In Jungian psychology, archetypes are highly developed elements of the collective unconscious. Being unconscious, the existence of archetypes can only be deduced indirectly by examining behavior, images, art, myths, religions, or dreams. Carl Jung understood archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world. They are autonomous and hidden forms which are transformed once they enter consciousness and are given particular expression by individuals and their cultures. Strictly speaking, Jungian archetypes refer to unclear underlying forms or the archetypes-as-such from which emerge images and motifs... It is history, culture and personal context that shape these manifest representations thereby giving them their specific content".  Wikipedia on Jungian Archetypes


What's your archetype revealing to you who you are?
What are your claims in this life? What are your hidden desires?
The stories are hidden within you....waiting....

Join us today and let's meet your legend...

Online Class Cost

$600: Online Pay in Full6 Payments of $100: Online Pay in Payments

Please Note: We will be sending information about the class as well as the materials list in December, so your confirmation email will come at a later date.

Note: No painting experience needed. Why? Because this isn't about talent. This isn't about knowing technique. This is only about one thing - your personal journey. In fact, you may be surprised to know that the less skill you have in actual painting practice, the potentially deeper you can go into the mystery.

$600: Online Pay in Full6 Payments of $100: Online Pay in Payments

If you are a Color of Woman 2017 student or  Guild Member please refer to your e-mail or fb communications for details.

Online Class Cost

What past students have to say
about their Legend experience...

I would recommend Legend to any woman looking to find her true self or struggling on their current life's path. It is the only thing/process that has proven helpful in my life. The process improves every time I take a workshop. I think the course is wonderful and keeps evolving as the universe tells you to. ~ Pam

I have a beautiful painting, am a member of an incredibly wonderful and talented group of women. I feel a measurable increase in self esteem and just happy to be alive. ~ Joyce

I would recommend this fabulous course to those who are looking for a non-intimidating path to learning how to put paint on canvas, to give structure to words and ideas floating inside, and who are open to learning wondrous things about themselves. ~ Irene

Thank you for this space and time that allowed me to self-reflect. My painting is still speaking to me and remains yet unnamed. But she is so alive. I love her.~ Irene

Please Note: We will be sending information about the class as well as the materials list in December, so your confirmation email will come at a later date.