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Your adventure for 2019

LEGEND: Oracle & Ally : 8 Week Painting & Writing Voyage 

Shiloh Sophia "Lady Laughing Cloud" 

Mary "StellaMac" MacDonald

and "Jumpin Jenafer Joy" Owen

The Cosmic Cowgirls have designed an experience for you that will catalyze your identity.



This course was taped during Legend 2018. The curriculum was so HOT that we are sharing it for 2019.

Your Guides for the Journey

Shiloh Sophia : Mary MacDonald : Jenafer Owen

We always honor the Intentional Creativity Lineage of the women who brougt this way of working to light - Lenore Thomas Strauss, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Caron McCloud and Eden McCloud.

This lineage is ancient and futuristic and is an idea whose time has come to earth to be expressed. 

Honoring the TEACHINGS


Using Inquiry and Intentional Creativity we will journey into our realms of consciousness. Into our interior landscape of symbols, shapes, colors, glyphs and myths to discover that which we cannot see with our ordinary eyes and ordinary reality mind. While in non-ordinary reality we will create, invent and discover.

Your path forward will be navigated and narrated from your painting and writing process. You will amaze yourself with what you discover. The painting will become your teacher and oracle that is your own unique space - and she who is your story keeper and fire tender.


A Multi-faceted Experience in Intentional Creativity Awaits You

We are women who walk between worlds - holding paradox in the palm of our hands. We get to have way more choice in the invention of our life than most of us actually utilize. Your archetype functions as a shelter, a structure in which to design the context you live your life through - as well as develop the content that is sacred for your path. This is a chance for a new story to emerge - one where you author your own future. 


Turn towards your own story. Fall in love with what you get to create and who you get to be. Discover a deep belonging here on earth in the company of a tribe of wild wise women.

Dear One! OH! Great! You found us! We have been waiting for you at this roadside cafe and we wondered if you were gonna show. Now that you are here, have a seat and listen in. Lean in. 

We at Cosmic Cowgirls are inviting you on a quest. We'll be using the magical tools of intuitive painting, writing, and visionary imagination to access a FRESH archetype for 2019. Archetypes get so outdated when we don't refresh and reboot. Boooorrinnggg! Let's peel back the layers, drop the old skins and see who lives in here. What else have you got to do that is this important? 

I mean it. Really? What's THIS important? Oh, supposedly so many things that have very little do with your own alignment and pleasure. If you are like so many of us, we keep living our lives NOT being who we are, we keep creating relationships that do NOT create flow, inspiration, truth, pleasure, power and alignment. WHY oh WHY can't we be authentic? So caught up in looking good for so long our hidden self has forgotten what we really look like. 

Give her a chance to surprise you...will you dare? Our classes come with a warning label. Truly. Things WILL NOT be the same after you have an Oracle face (twice as big as your own head) staring you down and asking 'WTF girlfriend'?

Our focus for Legend is on YOU as your own oracle and your ally. I don't know about you but that just sounds too cool for school. Who cares if you don't know how to paint. We will ask you be brave, to paint left handed, blind folded while listening to the Rolling Stones and dancing. The more rogue the better. I mean it. This isn't about skill. If it was, you could control the process, and you know what, it's time to leave something to the mystery. This trying to dominate everything isn't working out so good! And you will get in touch with your animal totem ally who journeys with you.

So no skill needed. It ain't about talent baby – but raw daring and a willingness. What will your Oracle and Ally reveal to you about your life now? Your legacy?

A Word of Caution: Hanging out with women of a questionable reputation may be hazardous 
to your current paradigm. We have been known to be a danger to the establishment.

Join us today and let's meet your legend...

I have a beautiful painting, am a member of an incredibly wonderful and talented group of women. I feel a measurable increase in self esteem and just happy to be alive. My favorite part was the positive reinforcement plus so much enthusiasm and wonderful teachings!! I’d recommend Legend to anyone of my friends that asks me what I think or perhaps where I learned to paint, etc. ~ Joyce

I feel my spirit has broken wide open and the light can now shine in and out.  It was a transformative weekend.  I learned more about painting in one weekend than I have in years of art classes. ~ Dakota Mitchell

I would recommend this fabulous course to those who are looking for a non- intimidating path to learning how to put paint on canvas, to give structure to words and ideas floating inside, and who are open to learning wondrous things about themselves. ~ Irene


1. Offering: This online painting and writing class will be delivered over 8 weeks starting January 10. Videos will be time released. There will be live circle calls also available as a recording. Community engagement and support will occur in a Private Facebook Group. There will be Color of Woman IC Teachers to support you with your painting process for the full 8 weeks.

2. Delivery: Videos (recorded in 2018) with Shiloh Sophia will be delivered over the 8 weeks + Guided Story process and writing exercises from Stella Mac.

3. Materials: You will receive a full materials list - but the quick version is a BIG canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, spray bottle, a journal for notes and sketching. 

4. Time Commitment based on content: Four hours a week will be enough for most people to complete the process during the eight week class. But you can work at your own pace - the videos are available for the entire year! Note that if you are in COLOR of WOMAN 2019 then you will need to finish in March.

Photos above are from a recent Color of Woman Gathering led by 
Shiloh Sophia & Mary MacDonald

What's in the LEGEND Course?

*EXPRESS & PLAY: You will paint your Legendary self using the 13 Step Intentional Creativity Method. This is the same method taught in the Color of Woman : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training (In fact this course is a pre-requisite for the training.) You will paint a big ole' canvas with large brushes, lots of water and big splashes of color. Canvas size is 3 feet by 4 feet because bigger is better when it comes to creating Legends! There is no experience necessary and you will have fabulous Art Doctors from the Intentional Creativity Guild to support your painting journey. 

*RISK & ACCESS : You will dive deep into the default stories that are running your life. We use inquiry-based processes to check out the hidden beliefs and stories under the hood! Be challenged to make big changes and a new plan of action inspired by what you experience.

*INVENT & CLAIM : You will write your own story with the guidance of StellaMac. A legendary story informed by your painting – what you learn from it, what is revealed, what is needed for the next steps on your path – working within the realm of imagination and the subconscious you can step into a new world. 


Are you unconsciously choosing
 to live from a place of not enoughness? 

 We aren't here to choose

living a beige life.
 We are here to courageously invent ourselves.
 To use all the colours in the palette.

Our bodies and souls were created
 with such an infinite ability of becoming.
 Yet too often we don't continue to do the deep work
 needed to move ourselves into a new terrain of being.

Being legendary doesn't mean doing something impossible,

Being legendary means you have chosen to explore your story and
 become unapologetically yourself.
 And to choose to live from the spaciousness
 within one's own identity.

Now that is legendary.

You might wonder,
 well how do I do that deep work
 and take myself to the next level?

You create your own story. That's how.  

Explore what is yours to create and


January 10, 2019 for 8 Weeks
You are Invited to Join the Cosmic Cowgirls!

About Your Guides

Shiloh Sophia McCloud 

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! A renaissance woman who communicates her philosophy through paintings, poetry, teachings and entrepreneurship. For 25 years she has dedicated her soul work to the study and practice of creativity as a path of healing which provides access to consciousness. As a curator and gallery owner, she has represented her own work, as well as hundreds of women artists. By the age of 40 she achieved incredible success through being in the top ten percent of sales for contemporary artists in the U.S. Her prolific intuitive painting process led to a desire to teach and provided the foundation for the groundbreaking work on how Intentional Creativity® can give voice to the soul. Her method of ‘creating with mindfulness’ has reached tens of thousands of students who have gained insight into the hidden self.

She and her husband Jonathan travel the world together providing experiences for others in food, art and conversation.

Shiloh feels that her greatest accomplishment to date is the founding of the Color of Woman School in 2000 – a culmination of her life work in the form of an offering to teach her methodology, Color of Woman. 50+ women graduate each year and together the work reached over 100k viewers/students a month through creative self expression.

Mary MacDonald

Mary aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile.

She is passionate about creating our lives through the lens of a feminine paradigm that incorporates creativity, story telling and conversation. As a Coach and Consultant for the past 12 years in Canada and the United States, her gifts are supporting individuals and organizations in creating a life that is true to their own unique gifts and flow.

Over the past ten years working with Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis as the Director of Cosmic Cowgirls and as Co-Director of the Color of Woman Teacher’s Training Mary has taught and witnessed the transformation of hundreds of women as they began to live their own legendary lives, claim their own voice and become re-aquainted with their creative selves.

What does your oracle want to reveal to you?
 What are the the deliciously quirky "pieces" 

of you calling to live large? 
What does your animal ally represent or teach? 
What are the messages from within whispering?
 The stories are hidden within you....waiting....

ORACLE for our purposes is a linguistic abstraction 
referring to the part of you which 'knows' 
and can be accessed through relationship and direct inquiry.

Jenafer Joy

Brimming with the quirky enthusiasm that prompted her nom de plume, it is impossible to spend time with Jenafer Joy and not fall in love with yourself, with the whispering of your muse, and with Jena's heartfelt and contagious love of the creative life. Jena has been leading healing & creative arts courses since 2003 and most particularly enjoys tromping about at the intersection of intuition and art

Jenafer Joy lives with her magical red haired daughter Hazel and her storytelling furniture making husband Erik at the edge of the world – aka Mendocino. When she’s not keeping all these online courses humming, you can find her splashing paint with her daughter, chasing the neighbor's rogue cows out of the yard, and brewing coffee & tall tales with her husband.

IMPORTANT Note: No painting experience needed. Why? Because this isn't about talent. This isn't about knowing technique. This is only about one thing – your personal journey. In fact, you may be surprised to know that the less skill you have in actual painting practice, the potentially deeper you can go into the mystery since you cannot dominate the process with know-how. 

That said, if you DO have painting experience, or you have already done LEGEND, it also works because it keeps you current. Shiloh Sophia has painted her legend about 15 times and discovers what's next for the journey. Every. Single. Time.

Join us for LEGEND .:. ORACLE & ALLY

+ Paint Your Cosmic Self Portrait as your own oracle 
+ Write Your Legendary Chronicle Adventure 
+ Develop a new story line for creating your future
+ Engage with other potent women of prowess 

+ Experience Maestra Shiloh Sophia unplugged!  

The Legend of Elanza
By Kathy Smith

She who speaks Truth  
By Gisela Pineiro

Your Heart is a Star
By Corinna Jaeger

Viking Woman 
by Juniper Mainelis  

She Beckons
by Donna Papenhause

So Legend Has It
by Jo Laurie

Intentional Creativity brings you into a flow state giving you access to the most innovative parts of your hidden consciousness. Your soul identity will speak to you in color, shape, symbol and language. 

And did we mention that it's really fun? 
We just wouldn't do it every year if it wasn't!

Legend of Lilli Maeve
by Dina VanDecker TIbbs

We invite you to enter the tradition of countless women artists 
who have claimed their identity through the process of self-portrait through painting and writing. What will be revealed? 
What will be included? What will people who see it in 500 years learn about who you are?
 What codes, symbols, signs will you include?

We have been crafting Legendary Lives with groups for over ten years now and participants say it is 'life altering,' a 'reframe of old stories,' a 'wake up call,' and an 'invitation to take up more space'. LEGEND is our signature course and we offer it definitely every year, sometimes twice a year, just for the pure pleasure and for the honest to goodness reboot. 

In this LEGEND Oracle & Ally you'll connect with a deeper sense of intuition and knowing, guided by the most powerful experience of who you are that is currently available.

Shiloh Sophia, Founder of Cosmic Cowgirls

Beautiful, heart felt, and empowering paintings. Lovely work! ~Crystal Ducken

We asked our past LEGEND students to share their work - for many this was their FIRST painting!

Your legendary self is at the center, in charge of weaving your story of discovery. This isn't about an oracle on the outside, rather the 'question answerer' who lives on the INSIDE. 

She can work without direction and has your whole life – but if you want to occupy your life, it is time to encounter this formidable space. Through this meeting, you gain new insight into your own quirky genius and your true voice. Your Oracle is waiting for you - perhaps even calling to you now... shhh ... do you hear her?

Legend Painting by Alice Rhyslynn Langlois

Legend Painting by Wendy Hartley

Daughter of the Milky Way by Shiloh Sophia

By Sue Hoya Sellars

We asked our past LEGEND Oracle & Ally students to share their work here:

This adventure was the beginning of a journey in courage, trust and truth for me and it proved to be the EXACT guidance I needed.

I knew that there would be support and direction given from the Legend team but I was completely and wonderfully overwhelmed by the women I was journeying with. They helped me lose my inhibitions about painting in a public format, about speaking the truth of my past and about assuming responsibility for my future.

The process itself is mystical and magical but also completely logical. Unpacking the stuff I had chosen to ignore was cathartic and shining the daylight on them made them so. much. less.

~ Virginia Masson

If you are ever drawn to Legend, then trust your instincts!

I am about to finish the course and already my “Unleashed Urchin “ has already brought blessings to my life!

Earlier this month I helped a friend with a Toddler/ Mother workshop, as as “UU” noticed that the toddlers were getting restless she doodled on some wallpaper and we “rolled and crawled” our doodles.

My willingness to seize the day - and begin to believe in my intrinsic worth is emerging!

Thank Shiloh and her Team, especially Stella Mac and Jena.

~ Sue Bayley

Clan Bear

Legend was the most amazing course I've ever taken. Not only from the support of all the teachers, but my legendary sisters as well. There is something so powerful that happens when women can come together in a judgement free zone, and can be their true selves.  

I learned to truly trust myself AND the many times as I wanted to jump forward, trusting the timing of the steps gave me confidence...something I've had very little of in my lifetime.  These comments just barely scratch the surface of how amazing this experience has has been life changing and for that I am forever grateful! 

~ Julie Houser Gordy 

What I got out of this course was... a freedom to express myself in a way that I see myself. What most surprised me... was the stories behind the painting. How I have always had a relationship with the moon and all the flowers – herbs and perennials; trees and bushes.

What I would say to someone considering taking a future Legend course: Make sure you are ready to look back on your life (the good, bad and ugly). Make sure you are committed to do the writing that comes with the process. Know you are never going to be behind and you are painting exactly what you need to be painting for the items you can handle. 

Thank you Shiloh for sharing your hot mess self. I no longer give a flying fig if I am crabby and out of sorts. I learned so much about truth and freedom from that one video.

~ Fran Malone

The Legend process was a profound opportunity to examine my old B.S. (Back Story), who I REALLY am, & what I truly desire. Through the visioning, writing & painting I was able to get to the heart of matters. 

Owning my personal power, I created a Legendary new story that propels me into a life of compassion, authenticity, & ultimately a life I love! I was amazed to watch the layers evolve through the steps into a painting that speaks to my heart. I still like to sit & gaze at her when seeking answers & comfort, & I find clarity, empowerment & peace!

~ Sara Morgan

She Who Rides the River of Throat  

Legend: I love this class!!! Shiloh opened the door and skillfully guided us through to discovery of our unique Legendary Selves. Her own authentic connection to power and vulnerability, her ability to hold the fertile field of the Divine Feminine which allows everything from our innocent beginnings, messy and full of possibility, all the way through to revelation and transformation.  

This is the process of Intentional Creativity. I am now leaning in to what I gained from Legend: I am enough, perfectly fine, exactly how I am; the gift of dropping deeply into being who and what I have always been, all my disparate parts included, held and loved. 

I feel grateful for this amazing course, for all of the strong creative women who shared my journey, daring to transform and express in this way.  And I feel especially grateful to Shiloh Sophia, our courageous leader for taking me there.

~ Sugandhi Katharine Barnes

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Questions? Contact Jenafer Joy at:

Here's a few shots from the videos of our Maestra teaching!

$600 Pay in Full6 Payments of $100

LEGEND : Oracle and Ally 

*If you're a COLOR of WOMAN student,  past LEGEND Graduate, Cosmic Cowgirl or Guild Member, please email to receive your tuition savings. 

Begins January 10 for 8 Weeks Online 

Class videos are downloadable for you to keep

$600 Pay in Full6 Payments of $100
$600 Pay in Full6 Payments of $100

Ready? Let's Oracle!

The Sound & Mystery of Creation by Lisa Adriana

When I enrolled in Legend 2019 - Oracle and Ally, I took a risk.  Although I had been carrying around an art box for twenty years, I had never risked picking up a paint brush in my entire life.  I was afraid that I would fail the painting exercise and just give myself another thing to critique.  But I had seen a video of Shiloh Sophia teaching and painting, and I knew that I wanted some of THAT in my life!  This course was definitely worth the risk..

In fact it was life changing and I am now in my sixties. Shiloh Sophia's "Intentional Creativity" methods brought out in me what I had a hunch was there all along (hence the art box).  When I drew my first "Face" using the painting methods, it was so beautiful that I cried. She also taught me to paint with "inside eyes", and not to try to match my image on the canvas to the outside world.  She taught me how to be playful, and take even more risks. Because as with life, acrylics are forgiving, and no mistake need be permanent.  She connected me with my Muse, who would often show me that the "mistake" was actually a brilliant twist in the painting and so I learned to listen to Her, and balanced my Critic.

I can now honestly call myself "painter" and truly believe the statement! 

The Face of my Oracle had gone pretty well, but I was intimidated by attempting to create am animal Ally. But Jena's drawing prompts made capturing my animal Ally possible and FUN (not to mention slipping me into this life changing class at the very last minute). Jena, I owe you for life for this! 

Mary's support in writing my Legendary story was invaluable.  Her writing prompts activated and clarified questions, so that answers could form. And my dear Art Doctors lovingly guided me out of the mud when I was stuck. Offering thoughtful and insightful suggestions for moving even deeper into my painting.

Although we've just completed the course, I can hardly wait for next year's class!

~Cindy Craig

Fiery Daughter Gateway

I am so grateful that I decided to take the Legends course.  It walked me through so many teachings and help me to step into new life that I really was struggling with .  The process is amazing as are all the teachers.  The words and the writing were as empowering as the painting.  Somehow the creation of my own legend or myth helped me clarify the issues I was dealing with. Thank you all so very, very much much for this amazing course. 

~Feather Redfox

She Who Is

What I got out of this course was learning to get to know myself and to love and accept myself in a whole new way. I learned that it is okay to be an emotional person. I learned that it was okay to not always understand why I feel like crying. During this course I was an emotional wreck so to speak. I had all these emotions going on and I didn't really understand why. I cried more often than I care to admit. 

What most surprised me was learning that in all of these emotions, behind all of my tears, there was a feeling of being unloved. 

I learned that in those moments I need to communicate this feeling to my loved ones so that they can help me (this is the part I still struggle with), also to love myself even more in those moments and to be compassionate with myself instead of berate myself. 

This was an inspiring course and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Absolutely everyone involved is encouraging and ready to shine some love on you if you need it. Legend helped me see myself in a different, more beautiful way and it taught me so much about self-acceptance.

~ Jana Steyn