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What does your Right and Left Brain have to do with your 

 Sacred Anatomy? Let's find out together!

Message from Shiloh Sophia:

I can’t believe my good fortune of having friends in my life, like Desda Zuckerman. When I first met her I was like - now that is one the most cool interesting women I have met in a very long time. I wonder how our converations would go...

Our conversations are funny, dynamic and have had a lasting impact on me as I explore her teachings. I am so grateful we are coming together to bring you 
ILLUMINATE. This co-creation is a wonderful invitation to experience something that has never happened before being brought to light.

I have a hopeful heart that you will join us!

~Shiloh Sophia 

Exploring Subtle Mind. Subtle Body. Sacred Anatomy 

with Intentional Creativity

A Dynamic Experiential Co-Creative Class with 
Desda Zuckerman, 
Founder of CoreIndividuation 

and Shiloh Sophia, 
Founder of Intentional Creativity 

CoreIndividuation + Intentional Creativity = KAPOW

That's what happened when these two dynamic women

met and begin to talk about the great mysteries of their

great work in the world.  

Join us to explore the functionality and possibilities of your greater mind with an expanded practical understanding of the sacred anatomy. We will work with the subtle nervous system to relax into a creative state, flip on your genius, and step outside of old limitations. Applying simply techniques using both the right and left brain and how it interacts in connection with the larger structure of your sacred subtle anatomy.

Together we will dive into ideas Desda Zuckerman 
has developed over 45 years to invite people to embody greater awareness of their intellect, energy and form and how to transform!  

Shiloh Sophia who has been working with her ideas around the impact of creativity and consciousness, and found exciting connections with sacred anatomy. We will work together using an Intentional Creativity process with Desda to guide you to illustrate in paint your inspired ideas in relationship to the teaching and energy you are experiencing.  You will engage in creating an abstract energetic expression of what is coming through subtle mind and subtle body. 

When the whole brain is put into relationship with the heart and energy system, and intention is set through creating form, we gain greater access and insight to the often invisible domains.  Using tools Desda has discovered and devloped - you will be invited to experience drawing upon your natural authentic expression, releasing it from where it is bubbling under the surface of your own sacred anatomy. 

..Join Us..

A materials list and all details will be sent upon registration. 
No experience necessary but an open mind 
and heart and willingness to learn new things!

Immediate Access upon registration 
& continued access for 3 months. 

What you may experience in our ILLUMINATION

Guests will create two paintings - one of your sacred anatomy and a map of your greater mind. 

Bring ideas you are working with in your life that you would love to receive illumination around. 

Shed some light around what is hidden in your psyche - what's in there?

You will have a greater capacity and tools to access the whole mind and heart and awaken your sacred anatomy through awareness. 

Increased awareness about the structure of subtle body and how to work with it in the future including practices to continue the work beyond the class. 

Identifying and clearing patterns that have been trapped.

Tools you can use going forward to have greater access to your genius.

Paint at Home - Watch On-Demand on Your Schedule. 

You'll have access for 3 months upon registration. Videos are available to watch immediately.   

Materials list is provided upon registration.
We will be painting on waterclolor paper.

Tuition: $147 or 3 Payments of $50

$147  Savings for any of our existing students of $20
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Message from Desda Zuckerman:

I'm honored, intrigued, and excited to be teaching with the talented and insightful, Shiloh Sophia. When we met I was immediately struck by Shiloh's unique artistic grasp of the spiritual truths that underlie and manifest transformations. Because my work is about conscious embodiment of deep spirit, it seemed only natural to combine our creative passions and leap into the mystic together. 

In joyous thanksgiving I invite you from the bottom of my heart to come fly with Shiloh and I as we explore the mysteries of the subtle anatomy and with open hearts set our intentions together to create in ILLUMINATE! 

- Desda Zuckerman

Shiloh Sophia & Desda in Action

Muse Days Class taught by Shiloh Sophia at her Sonoma Studio

We invite you to watch some or all of this Hourlong Teaching 'Awakening Sacred Anatomy' with Shiloh Sophia and Desda Zuckerman about the subtle body, becoming conscious an sacred anatomy. This class was filmed in early 2018 as part of Shiloh Sophia's Apothecary class.

Class taught by Desda Zuckerman at Shiloh Sophia's Studio.

Desda Speaking about Sacred Anatomy

Shares from Shiloh Sophia's Students

"The painting class was delightful and inspiring. Each woman and girl, young, old, experienced or not brought forth an amazing piece of art in that short amount of time."

"Although there were great step by step instructions, I learned to let the process take me where it would, not trying to make my painting be anything in particular, giving me freedom to play and create as I choose. I let my 5 year old girl run unbounded and she had a fabulous time!"

"The day was overflowing with a lovely community of special women who shared a special conversations and connections together."

Shares from Desda's Students

“ I had both a stellar healing and educational experience with CoreIndividation. Learning how my particular Energy Body works, how to clear my energy field and bring in healing love and light have been simple and useful tools that I use regularly. I credit CoreIndividation work for healing traumatic wounds from my childhood. As I result of this work I feel more whole hearted and connected with Life.” ~ B.B.

“CoreIndividuation has opened my eyes to a whole new way to deal with issues we have with our physical body. As I am learning more about my energetic structure, I am realizing that we have a lot more control over our bodies and life then I ever imagined. Things that seemed random to me in the past are now making me think that we have an element of control over. I am accomplishing major goals in my life. I am in a much better place today than I was when I started seeing my Practitioner.” ~ K.M.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! A renaissance woman who communicates her philosophy through paintings, poetry, teachings and entrepreneurship. For 25 years she has dedicated her soul work to the study and practice of creativity, as a path of healing, which provides access to consciousness. As a curator and gallery owner, she has represented her own work, as well as hundreds of women artists. By the age of 40 she achieved incredible success through being in the top ten percent of sales for contemporary artists in the U.S. Her prolific intuitive painting process led to a desire to teach and provided the foundation for the groundbreaking work on how Intentional Creativity® can give voice to the soul. Her method of  ‘creating with mindfulness’ has reached tens of thousands of students who have gained insight into the hidden self. 

Her work is taught widely, at Universities in MA and Phd programs, the United Nations CSW, and by hundreds of Certified Teachers and Coaches. At the core of her work is a belief that the right to self express is one of the most basic human rights –  “We have a right to know how to access what we think, feel, believe and to express it in our lives.” Her life path is a spiritual practice, and an offering, that was awakened with the feminine Divine. Her research dives into the exploration of the right/left brain connection with the heart and re-inventing personal archetypes as gateways to liberation. "When we find freedom from the trauma of our stories, we can invent our own legends, and do the sacred work of organizing our consciousness.”  

Paintings, Poetry and Philosophy:

Workshops and Community:

Intentional Creativity Movement:

Desda Zuckerman 

Desda Zuckerman is a modern day visionary, author, spiritual healer, speaker and teacher. Born an
intuitive with extraordinary clairvoyant abilities, Desda has made an in-depth study of the subtle energies that, since childhood, she has witnessed around all living things. 

A true spiritual pioneer, she has learned to describe, understand and speak about the subtle parts of human capacity. She is deeply dedicated to the de-mystification of the esoteric and hidden information that she suggests we share as a species.

Over the last 45 years Desda has deeply observed and mapped what she came to see was human spiritual anatomy. Her analysis and exacting study lead to the foundation of the discipline, CoreIndividuation™ an intentional healing modality and philosophy that is based in the subtle anatomy and physiology of the Human Energy Structure. Today she is recognized as a leading cartographer of the Sacred Anatomy. Her anatomical studies are documented in her encyclopedic book, Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owners Guide to the Human Energy Structure, first published in 2012. 

Today, Desda is passionately bringing her message of grounded transformation, awakened awareness and conscious wellness to the world. An inspired teacher, dynamic speaker, ordained minister, master healer, paradigm shifting thought leader, she holds the promise that transformation is as close as your heartbeat, and that enlightenment is fun. She is grateful for the love and trust her thousands of clients and students have placed in her abilities and dedicates her work to the good of all. 

With a loving heart, a curious mind, comprehensive first person knowledge, and heightened sensitivities honed by years of practice and insight, Desda Zuckerman is an original source researcher leading the cutting edge of a new and expanding field.

“Desda is a gifted healer whose expertise lies outside our cultural vocabulary. There is no accounting for the refreshing sense of clarity that follows from her work. Subtle yet powerful forces are at play. For problems of an undetermined nature that require help from the Great Beyond, Desda reliably makes magic.” - Harriet Beinfield, Acupuncturist, Coauthor: Between Heaven & Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine

To learn more about Desda you can visit her site here:

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Desda's work in the subtle body anatomy field

Photo: Harmonizing Network Resonating Chambers
Your Sacred Anatomy - Desda Zuckerman

Shiloh Sophia teaching Muse Days Class

Basic Materials List for Painting Process

2 pieces of Watercolor Paper: size 22x30 inches and 140lb (better quality is best)

Brushes - variety of sizes including a liner brush + Spray bottle and Sharpie

Acrylic paint - we use GOLDEN paints, you can use what you have. Upon registration, we provide a list of colors we love to use. A rainbow of colors of course. You can also work with watercolors. 

If you don't want to get into all that, and you want to join us, it should be entertaining enough with plenty of material without painting. You can also work with pen and paper during and paint after.

Immediate Access upon Registration!

Kiss of Wisdom - Shiloh Sophia 

When we create, in any medium, we enter a co-creative relationship between energy and matter, and a dance begins. When we work with image, word, heart, mind, body and energy we gain access to our greater, often hidden capacity to see, feel, hear, know and act in authentic alignment. ~ Shiloh Sophia 

Image and word together with energy awareness alchemizes stuck patterns and gives them an invitation to move along. Then a new space is created in which we can invent from the soul. In this we also engage in new ways with consciousness.



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A very powerful and deeply personal teaching. And fun, too!

Thank you so very much. 

I enjoyed my Self immensely! ~ J.S

Personal Shares from Students