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Weaving a New World in New Ways 
An Invitation to a Fall Equinox Full Moon Salon Livestream Ritual with Christine Arylo & Shiloh Sophia
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Shiloh Sophia & Christine Arylo
Taken in Paris during a sacred journey last year

A letter from our hearts to yours about this gathering...

We are calling a gathering of wise women. A sacred circle and soul-provoking salon on the full moon of Fall Equinox. 

We have been noticing that there are many women, including ourselves, who are not feeling like participating in the way the world is going. From political and corporate systems, to how things are marketed and sold, to the amount and quality of time spent "plugged in". It's like we have been plugged into a system - a fear-based, pressure-inducing 'grid' -  that does not honor or support the way we are meant to live, work and prosper. This 'grid' is not one that we designed based on love, or even consciously chose to participate in, but here we are, hooked into it.

Many of us know it isn't healthy and living and working this way isn't sustainable. We wonder how we can do things differently... but aren't sure how?

Which is why we are calling this circle. We want to explore and share with you what we are seeing in our own lives and in the collective. The Fall Equinox at the full moon is the perfect time to explore how to unplug from systems and patterns that don't support you, and plug into ways that give you the power to harvest both bounty and balance. And yes, we are streaming this salon, using the technology we have in a sacred manner.

Fall Equinox is one of the 8 Feminine Super Power Days of the year, offering us insight into ways to bring our lives in more balance on all levels. The full moon provides illumination to lighting new paths for how we can create and weave our realities more in alignment with the truth of our hearts. 

The truth is that all women are weavers, and have the ability to be part of weaving a different reality into form - but you have to make a conscious choice to unplug from the pressure-filled, fear grid to tap into the quantum web to find the threads and see the new patterns you need to weave into existence.

We are calling women women who desire to weave the new world with us in new ways - if you are one, we'd love for you to join us.

We want to share our ritual with you. We have done ritual together for many years on the Equinoxes and Solstices - maybe even lifetimes. This is part of our personal spiritual practice that we love to share with our community. For us this is a Holy Day, yes a Holiday, that marks a shifting in the year. Years ago we both learned that tracking with and tapping into the earth's rhythms instead of man made time structures creates more harmony. When you move with the earth, you are more supported.

Here's how you can join us and other women around the globe for this super powered gathering:

  • RSVP by sharing your name and email with us above - that way we can send you the links to the livestream. 
  • We will send you all the information via email that you need to connect for the ritual. And once you fill in the box above a link will be provided to you so you can cut and paste it and put in your calendar.
  • The livestream will be live until the new moon on October 14th. 
  • Create sacred space for yourself. Make your physical space sacred by gathering a few things - a prayer shawl or magical scarf, paper and pens, a candle, a glass of wine or tea and a good computer connection to participate. Also claim this space for yourself!

That's it darlins'. We so look forward to having this time with you. For centuries women have gathered together in this way, in person. And now we have the gift of gathering virtually, using technology for in sacred ways.

During the stream we will also be sharing another very special  experience, a cosmic voyage, which we are calling for women visionaries, revolutionaries and leaders who are longing to weave a new world in new ways.  Let us proceed in the faith that we can create in love, in harmony with the earth, and have bounty and balance while not harming others/earth.

As a wise woman elder once told us - don't spend your time fighting systems that don't work, create and weave new systems and ways of being!

Signed in woven threads of sisterhood,



Here's some of what we'll share with you in our Equinox Salon - through ritual, sacred red thread circle, intentional creativity and feminine super powers:

Provoking conversation about the patterns we're seeing among women globally, including the broken systems and false security we are needing to unhook from. 

Illuminated insight about what we are seeing "between the worlds" informing new sustainable, sacred ways of creating, serving, offering, living and doing our great work. 

Sacred Space to consider how you desire to do things differently and what support you need to put yourself in a position to live and work in alignment with your soul's truth. 

Feminine Wisdom about how to tap into the super power of Fall Equinox to gain clarity about where to put your energy and resources so you receive the most bounty and balance. 

Invitation to a be part of a sisterhood of women who are daring to weave the new world - you  don't have to figure out how to navigate these times alone. There are others like you.


Invite other women to  join you for this sacred circle and salon. Have an Equinox gathering in person or virtually with women you love.  Share using the buttons above.

When women gather in sacred circle during sacred times, shift  happens, portals open, and you gain access to revelations &  insights only possible through the power of the collective.

This Fall Equinox at the Full Moon - a time offering powerful harvesting energy - we are calling a circle of women who dare to unhook from the systems that no longer serve us to weave a new dream & reality for this world and ourselves.

Sustainable. Sacred. Bountiful. Balanced.

Join us for this super powered ritual...

We are honored to be connected with you. We promise we will never share your email address. You will only receive communications from us, Christine & Shiloh. 

Shiloh & Christine

Unfolding Ourselves: Image by Sue Hoya Sellars

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