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Perhaps you are wondering – who are we
to be making these claims to possess the elixir of legend sauce?

We are a tribe of women discovering our freedom
through our creative acts.

M.U.S.E. DAYS Painting JAM
with Shiloh Sophia 

 Coming up Sept 30 and Nov 18

Attend in person, Sonoma CA or watch Livestream or later

Renewal Retreat & Cleanse  October 2017
 Sonoma with Shiloh Sophia & Guest Teachers and Healers

Black Madonna Pilgrimage
Starts August 11 
A 33 Day Pilgrimage  

with Kayleen Asbo & Shiloh Sophia
Streamed Live or Watch Later


COLOR of WOMAN Graduation 2016

Weekend in Mendocino

4 Day Renewal Retreat + Cleanse
Sonoma CA 

TAO of Painting
September 23 & 24

A ZEN Creativity Retreat at Terra Sophia
With Annette Wagner
and special guest Shiloh Sophia  


Daylong Painting Class
Sonoma CA or Livestream

33 Day Pilgrimage

  For women business owners, seeking connection, guidance and wisdom to take their business to the next level.

with Amy Ahlers & Shiloh Sophia
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Mastermind & Prosperity Circle for Women Entrepreneurs

Color of Woman Graduation 2016

Cosmic Cowgirls Annual Gathering 2016

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Letters from the Red Thread Cafe

We mail at least 2 times a month and sometimes more. According to the Muse with painting, poetry and events. If you want access to upcoming classes and projects, this is the way to connect

We come from all over the cosmos exploring just what's possible when we get to be who we really are:

We are women who walk between the worlds ~ Bad Ass Mystics, Priestesses of Possibility, Poets of Insight and Artists of Transformation, just to name a few of the wild archetypes hanging around the rodeo of the soul.

We call ourselves the Cosmic Cowgirls because that is what we are – women who have one bare foot on the good green earth and the other cowgirl boot in the shimmering stars.

We straddle the worlds and ride bare-back in the rodeo of the soul. We can often be found lassoing stardust to sprinkle onto our canvases and pages of poetry. We know there's lots of work to be done around this big ole' ranch aka world, and while we are chopping wood and carrying water we'll better be darn sure you have a good time while you're at it.

At the quantum level we are a mothership for women to restore, replenish and rediscover their unique identities. At the other level we are a woman owned LLC founded in 2004 by 25 founding mamas. Currently we have over 100 Owner Members and over 200 participating members. 

Our vision is to create a 100 year plan by creating a company that cannot be bought or sold, that holds the interests and equity of women in trust, and creates a legacy for future generations. Your granddaughter's granddaughter will know who we were and benefit from the dreamers of today bringing insight to the dreamers of tomorrow.

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Disclaimer : The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by Intentional Creativity Teachers and Graduates of the Color of Woman School belong solely to them, and do not necessarily represent those of the Intentional Creativity Foundation, Inc and/or Mothership, Inc. 

Featured online & in-person events with Shiloh Sophia

 Intentional Creativity® Journeys 

Let Your Muse Choose to invite you on a journey!


At Musea Campus
Sonoma California

We are calling you into circle!   An experience in 'invocation' to amplify your blessings.

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 Intentional Creativity® Coming Up


Explore : Red Thread Cafe
Video call with Shiloh Sophia
Experience Metacognitive Drawing/ Inquiry and EXPLORE our offerings. 

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Intentional Creativity® Coaching Certification

Enrollment for 2019 is closed.

6 month online voyage with in-person options. Guided by Shiloh Sophia & The Intentional Creativity Guild.

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The Illustrative Woman

Intuitive & Metacogative Drawing with Shiloh Sophia. 

Access freedom and flow of moving a pen without controlling the outcome. Connect right & left brain with wisdom of your heart!
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Whats in your Medicine Basket?

Wednesday, March 25

FREE Red Thread Circle Community Call with Shiloh Sophia, Founder of Musea     

LIVE on Wednesday, March 25  or watch the Recording later 
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Dive : Free Virtual Class

With Shiloh Sophia
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A Meta-Selfing Experience to Instantly elevate your conscious awareness of your hidden identity. 

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Artist Archetype

An Hourlong Video Class to Claim Your Self-Expression  With Shiloh Sophia   

Come move your energy with Metacognitive Drawing and discover what your hidden self wants to reveal.    

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Dancing Entrepreneur Online Video Class

Begins April 6 for 2 weeks. Watch live or later.

Innovative Visionary Business Class Manifesting Through Flow and Form "
What's Your Next Dance Move?" Learn 16 Essential Frameworks for Entrepreneurs Who Dance Between the Worlds 

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Red Thread Connect
During these calls we share poetry and creative process while gathering in circle along the red thread. 

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1 Page Biz Plan

For Entrepreneur's with Heart Discovery through Inquiry from Shiloh Sophia & Amy Ahlers 

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Free Intentional Creativity® Offerings

Intentional Creativity Gathering : MEXICO

January, 2021 with Shiloh Sophia & Emily Grieves

We are going to have an adventure in MEXICO!

We'll be sure to update you with details as they unfold.

Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering

April 17.18.19, 2020
with Shiloh Sophia & the Cosmic Cowgirls

The Cosmic Cowgirls were founded in 2004 and now have 200+ members who enjoy reconnecting each spring during our annual gathering. You are invited!


April 6 or watch later
Intentional Creativity Process
with Shiloh Sophia

Join us for a free online video class to LIBERATE your Voice + Heart + Body from false burdens, self-blame and taboo.

Catalyze YOUR OWN process of LIBERATION. 

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She Carries Me

Guided by Shiloh Sophia and singer/songwriter, Jennifer Berezan

A Remothering Experience in Singing and Painting

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Color of Woman: 
Intentional Creativity® Teacher Training

The 9 month Core Curriculum for Certification is offered all Online with Gatherings and Events in the United States, Australia & around the world.

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Lady Cloud Clinic 2020

An Intentional Creativity® Quest

Self Initiation through Medicine Painting

  Guided by Shiloh Sophia with Guest Healers, Teachers, Shamans & Chefs

Invitation coming soon!

Tree Woman Virtual Workshop

Receive instant access to class videos upon registration Guided by Jassy Watson Earthist supported by Shiloh Sophia 

Create your own ‘tree woman' inspired by your relationship with yourself and your body and your place in creation.
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The Gospel According to Her
Guided by Shiloh Sophia Virtual Painting and Poetry Class

A sacred gathering to
explore  Jesus and the Women in His life

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Midnight Muse
Join now & receive instant access to materials & downloadable videos. 
Your Muse has something she wants to tell you...will you listen? 
*Tuition savings for our students


 Intentional Creativity® Journeys Online - Instant Access

WORLD SOUL: Paint A Map of the World Class

Register & Receive Instant Access
Guided by Shiloh Sophia   

A Practice in Awakening Connection & Compassion around the world.

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Red Madonna Sisterhood

Enrollment Open for 2020! 

PSALMS for CREATION Intentional Creativity  as Spiritual Practice and Devotion     13 Moon Virtual Sanctuary for Women 

2 Membership Levels ---> One Common Red Thread 

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Online Painting Course  starting April 2 for 4 weeks Taught by Shiloh Sophia  with Jonathan McCloud 

An invitation into the alchemical heart of Intentional Creativity®. Learn how to alchemize difficult parts of yourself & &tories into tools of transformation. Turning wounds into wonders 

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Red Thread Guide Global Certification Training

Guided by the lifelong work of Shiloh Sophia with Dr. Mary McCrystal  and the Intentional Creativity Guild

Enrollment is Open Now through April 1
 We begin in May 2020   

We are calling women  into an experience designed to discover  the mystery held by the legendary red thread.  

Are you called to gather others into circles of transformation and healing?

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Free LIVESTREAM Gathering
Guided by the Muses of Musea with Maestra Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud

Muse-led Resiliency and Personal Medicine Plus introducing



Free Intentional Creativity Experiences in March and April   with Shiloh Sophia   

Join us for Two LIVE Zoom Calls in March and April or get the recording! Plus free bonus painting class, Soul Sisters in honor of International Women's Day