Weave your legend...tell your story...change your your heart...

Gather with a tribe of women storytellers weaving the future...

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April 14-17, 2016: Sonoma County, California

Featured leaders: Stella Mac, Shiloh Sophia and Heidi Damata

This is our first year of INTENTIONALLY
having our teen daughters and nieces join us.

Consider what that means seven generations out. 

What if they ALL grow up to become Cosmic Cowgirls? 
With that thought in mind.... 

Want to meet our Legend Weavers in person?
Tina Greene, Jennifer Bowers & Rachel Bavis are offering teachings

When is the last time you thought improv?
Lynn and Allison from Glitter & Razz are bringing the theatre to the studio!

When is the last time you painted your face?
How about your BODY?
Luscious wild fun with Annette and Dominique...

Have you heard the rumors?
About the infamous Caron McCloud and a possible Salon?
With you-know-who hosting?

Together we will create storycatchers working with different materials connected with our personal story. We will provide you with a list of things to bring... from your jewelry box or local craft store so you can create a custom storycatcher inspired by the Native American Dream Catcher.

Heidi and I spent a day together creating this process so we could share it with you. Each one is unique and each thread or item will represent a part of the story you are creating for yourself – based on your stories of the past, and the stories of the future, yes, your very own Legend.

This year we are opening the door wider and inviting the teens in our community to join us. If you have a daughter who is 12-13 or older who you just know is a Cowgirl at heart, then consider signing her up too. Keep in mind, the topics and language of Cosmic Cowgirls are who we are – anyone who attends gets a full dose of wild and crazy at its best. (If you have questions, ask

Save your seat if you plan to come – last year we had a waiting list! 

yours in wild heartedness,
Chief Laughing Cloud & Cosmic Cowgirls Team

What do we do at our Annual Gathering?

We will sit together and tell stories.
Connect our red threads literally and figuratively.

$445 paid in full or $475 with our nifty payment plan.   NEW: $175 for a single day: Friday OR Saturday