Intentional Creativity Education for helping and healing professionals. Healers, Teachers, Coaches, Guides, Therapists, Doctors, Practitioners, Preachers, Dancers, Artists of all fields!

This will be our 9th year of Training and we have over 200 teachers worldwide.  

  • BRING the gift of Self Expression to those YOU SERVE
  • Teach Intuitive Painting Workshops online and in person 
  • Lead classes and presentations in transformational art practices in any setting
  • Guide inspired rituals for your community with the the Red Threa
  • Create a body of work with 5 major archetypal paintings
  • Learn the intersection of teaching right brain left brain and the heart philosophy 
  • Gather online and person with visionary women in Sisterhood across the globe
  • CREATE a Visionary Business Plan in Alignment with your SOUL WORK
  • Discover how to translate your gifts into content, followed by curriculum, translated into offerings for your clients/students/beloveds.
  • Become a part of a creative lineage both ancient and futuristic!

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"Everyone is creative. The training doesn't teach you that, you are already that, and you don't need a certification to be an artist or to teach art. This is really about entering into a Vision Quest that creates a catalytic container for your own information to arise. We provide you with specific tools, techniques and templates that guide you to bring intentionally creative methods into your sacred work. This is a call to your sacred assignment - to your unique piece of the red thread." ~ Shiloh Sophia 

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Art as ritual. Art as access. Art as portal. 
Art as chosen transformation. 
Art as a healing journey. Art as entreprenuership. 
Artist as the one who creates her future.

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Intentional Creativity Teacher Training : Begins March 2019

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Our first Enrollment cycle is complete. Should there be space left, we will reopen applications in early 2019. 

All Online + Gatherings in Northern California and Australia 

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