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Art is ritual. Art is access. Art is a portal. 
Art is chosen transformation. 
Art is a healing journey. Artist as entreprenuer.
Artist as the one who creates 

her future as she chooses.

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We are gathering the women!

Are you called to lead?

 Intentional Creativity® 
Teacher Training 

The 9 month Core Curriculum for Certification 
is offered all Online with Gatherings 
in the United States and Australia  

 Enrollment will open mid-October for our 2020 Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.

We have 225 teachers worldwide.
 2020 will be our 10th year of training! 

Our founder, Shiloh Sophia, has been developing this sacred technology to bring image and language to this field of transformational healing for over 25 years.

((((Dear Creative Ones))))

We are summoning the Guides. We are part of a creative lineage, and are looking for our circle members.

Are you on our red thread?  

Rebels, Artists, Teachers, Musicians, Revolutionaries, Evolutionaries, Healers...

Let's Gather and Lead,  
the council has been called!

Everyone is creative. The training doesn't teach you that, you are already creative. You don't need a certification to be an artist or to teach art. This an invitation to an adventure that creates a catalytic container for your own information to arise. We provide you with tools, techniques and templates that guide you to bring Intentional Creativity methods into your life work. This is a call to your sacred assignment - to your unique piece of the red thread.

There is a self within all of us that yearns to be well known by our inner most heart. The most exquisite, beautiful and efficient way to access that unique code of the self is by taking Color of Woman. The time has come for the creative heart of women, which will make the difference in the world, to be fully expressed. Color of Woman is the rights of passage for the modern day woman who craves deep feminine connection and wisdom within herself ~ Julie Steelman, Color of Woman 2018 Graduate