Intentional Creativity Demo and Red Thread with Community

This was a live video recording on one of the first years I decided to market the training in an uncommon way. Not many traditional paths for this girl. This is a little dive into Intentional Creativity & a live Red Thread Circle with special in studio guests sharing in the process. I wanted those who were considering Color of Woman to have an experience of how it works and how the community is with one another. You too will lead Red Thread Circles so it is good to see how it works first hand and online (2015)

Community Stories with Intentional Creativity (2015)
We thought it might be good for you to hear about the painting experience of others, a mother and daughter, husband and wife and more. We are so blessed with such a beautiful online and in person circle. 

Consciousness and the Muse (2017)

This will be familiar to those of you who just came through INSIGHT because I cover some of the same material. I love for the women I work with to really be able to dive in and speak to consciousness and the right brain left brain teaching. Our hope is to empower YOU to teach it too - that you will become familiar enough with this dialogue to lead classes in it - does that excite you? 
I can't think of anything much more exciting than inviting people to awakening. What about you? Are you called to facilitate that for others?

Crystal Easton - Sharing A Story at Color of Woman Annual Gathering (2014)

Crystal is a first year Color of Woman Graduate. She came into the training in 2010. She came back four years later to sit in circle with us and lead us. And she offered this teaching. I selected this one because Color of Woman and Intentional Creativity as a whole are dedicated to awareness around the earth and indigenous cultures. We have a stand around lifting up women of color and indigenous roots in Color of Woman.

Phyllis Taylor co-leading at Color of Woman (2018)

Phyllis is a 2017 graduate and she rocked our world, a 70+ year old Grandma saying I want my kids to say Grandma was a legend. We invited her to come teach in our 2018 training.  

The Ancient and Future Feminine (2016)

This one was a part of another year of sharing about Color of Woman and I had a plan for what I was going to do. But then this happened. I am not only intuitive and spontaneous but I do take orders from my Muse from time to time. This is often the missing part of feminine leadership teachings, really and truly what is BEHIND the work and who came before us. 

The Myth of Colored Ribbons (2018)

This is another one where I was supposed to be talking about enrollment in Color of Woman. I opened up my computer, turned on the camera and hit play and kazowa, a story popped out!

p.s. as I was finishing up this page I got an email from my beautiful mother and teacher, Caron McCloud, about the The Myth of Colored Ribbons. I wanted to include part of it here for mom rocks.

~ ~ ~


 Oh precious daughter, Maestra Shiloh! 

You are so light filled!

So radiantly beautiful and brilliant!

Inside and out!

Thank you for creating this Red Tent Shelter

and calling us to travel this 

Spiritual Journey of Consciousness 

with you and one another!

Thank you for calling us to gather here 

in wonder filled celebration 

at Wisdom's Table

where each of us are freed to our declarations!

For me I know that this means that I am free! 

Free to Love and Live in Mystery 

as it shows up for me,

and not feel like I am somehow obligated to solve it.

"I only know what I know for me"

and I respect and honor that freedom for others!

And I join you and our sisterhood in your

"Rising of Roses and Ribbons". 

Thank you!


Invitation to COLOR of WOMAN (2018) 
A Call to Action to choose you. To put you first. 
To stop putting your dreams or your gifts on hold.  

Dear One,

We know taking a quest is a huge choice. In time and in resources it is an epic commitment. And, we know that epic commitments are often the change makers, the leap that brings us to a new place on our path. We can assure you that if you show up for your quest, the result in your life will be empowered transformation, inside and out. That is what we hear from the women who join us for this work.

This world is a wild place right now. My focus is clear. Teach the teachers. Heal the earth together. Prepare a place for the future generation. Lift up leaders. Gather. Intentional Creativity IS the vehicle in which I curate that vision. What is your focus over the next two years? My hope is that Color of Woman will be held within your focus. What a joy it is to welcome such powerful women healers, leaders, teachers, doctors, shamans, therapists, counselors, musicians, dancers, artists.

On this page you will find a handful of videos from this year and years past. When I thought about what to send you to give you a feel for me, the training and the women who are a part of it, I thought...why not provide them with 'the goods'...a range of videos from different years. 

I somehow wanted you to FEEL and SEE how long we have been up to this and the incredible women we are co-creating it with. This is evidence of how profound this work really is.This isn't just another online class, or a made up certification. We are in it for the long haul and we are here to journey that path with you. To work with you to bring your gifts, your content and your dreams for the world to life. Don't worry about watching them all - the page will be here for you to look at. This is if you are on the fence and aren't quite read to say yes, this might be what you are looking for. 

Below you will find photos of me with the 2019 Color of Woman key team leaders. These women are friends, as well as co-leaders in Intentional Creativity. After their names you will find the number of years I have been collaborating in one way or another with these incredible women. I am so pleased to share them with you. This is likely the most uncommon sales page for a training you will ever see. But here it is.

I trust, know, feel, that if this is right for you, you already know. I don't need to sell or convince you or prove it. You feel the red thread connection or you don't, or not right now...Perhaps you have already been accepted and this page will just provide you with more to dive into with Intentional Creativity - a vast and gorgeous world.

If we together can bring self expression to those who are feeling trapped, lost, and like they have no where to turn, we will call ourselves blessed. A council of blessed women are gathering and you are invited dear heart.

This page is full to the brim with goodness, I feel more like I made you a cherry pie than a marketing piece. I did the design and editing on this myself, getting it all ready for you! I hope you enjoy.

Signed in the beauty of cosmic kinship,

These are our in person key gathering leaders for Northern California 

Carmen Baraka (8 years)

Lavender Grace (35+ years)

Mandisa Amber Wood (16 years)

Mary MacDonald  (14 years)

Additional team members include

Jenafer C. Owen, Director, (11 years) + Sarah Mardell, Guidance Counselor (6 years)

Annette Wagner, (12 years), Uma Joy (6 years)

Simone Oliver,Terre Busse & Tammra Harrison , Curating Space & Teaching Team (2 years)

And of course, Jonathan McCloud!!

Snip...Snip...LEGEND Course (2017)   
We thought, why not start with a little humor which pretty much sums up what we ACTUALLY do in our community. Now I don't act this way in the training, nor do I often film this, but it was one of those days.

Invitation & Application

The Alchemist's Brush - For the Graduates (2013-16)

You have likely noticed by now this isn't just about painting, almost all Intentional Creativity women also work with language, story and poetry.

These are our in person key gathering leaders for Australia 

Additional team members include

Tania Magennis, Jo Laurie, Gisela Pineiro

Jassy Watson (5 Years)

Lou Reed (4 Years)

In 2018 the Color of Woman Team went on the road in Australia to teach with these two brilliant women who are Color of Woman Graduates who are teaching and making a good living, full time as working artists and teachers. We joined with them to deliver a few archetypes over the past two years as part of the Color of Woman Curriculum. And when we are all together with our other sisters from Down Under, we decided that they would lead EACH archetype in Australia! I would like to add that both women are indigenous to Australia and New Zealand and carry powerful lineage in this beautiful land and we KNOW you will be in good hands and hearts. I have taught in both of the locations where they will hold their trainings along side them.

Time for a cup of tea? And some down time with Shiloh Sophia and friends...

Shiloh Sophia 


Questions? Ask Sarah 

Already accepted? Come celebrate in the Red Thread Cafe Classroom

Dates, Teachers & Intentional Creativity Teachings and Shares 

Teachers and Guides

About Color of Woman Curriculum (2018)
Consider watching this video first to gain a fuller understanding about the curriculum you might experience during the Training. 

Color of Woman Dates Overview 


MUSE .:. Catalyze Your Creative Soul

 April Sonoma, CA, US 

 April Bundaberg, AUS  

ALCHEMIST .:. Awaken Your Alchemical Feminine

August Philo, CA, USA

 July Sydney, AUS   

CORE ONLINE : March 1 - November 30 2019

Northern California USA Gatherings

with Maestra Shiloh Sophia & Special Guests

Australia Gatherings: Lou Reed, Jassy Watson & Special Guests

VISIONARY .:. Realizing Your Soul Work

November Santa Cruz, CA, US 

November Sydney, AUS

*Graduation and IC Guild Gathering 

ARTIST .:. Create Your Own Archetype 

June Sonoma, CA, US

May 9. 10. 11.12.13. Sydney, AUS

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