Explore her message for you – and discover a deeper call to speak your
own truth.

Claim the ‘content’ of your own sacred vessel for healing, what it is you want to bring to the world.

Be empowered. 
iscover the 
deep feminine wisdom and history hidden within

Paint an inspired icon of Mary Magdalene 
from your own experience of her message for you.

A Shiloh Sophia Studios Project  in collaboration with Kayleen Asbo 
All Rights Reserved - Recorded in Healdsburg in 2016

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Here's some of what we will explore together in our class - no experience needed. 
If you don't want to paint, just watch, there is plenty to see, learn and be inspired by!

The regular Price $97 - in honor of Holy Week, this is a gift from us. Register now and have access through May 15.

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 Voyage with Magdalene   

A sacred voyage into the mythos of one of the most sought after Saints and Teachers 
to discover her message for you today. Art History. Legend. Guided Ritual. Intentional Creativity. Feminine Mysteries. Christos. Resurrection. Sisterhood. Red Threads.

Our Gift for you - a Daylong Video Class with Artist 

Shiloh Sophia and Art Historian Kayleen Asbo 

Painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Mary Magdalene at the Door of Simon the Pharisee 1853