Chief Luisah Teish
StoryTeller & Author




Lissa Rankin, M.D. 
Author & Teacher

Whole Health Institute



Shasta Nelson
Author & Teacher

Girlfriend CIRCLES


Spirit Warrior
Carmen Baraka 

Activist & Leader




Mandisa Amber
 Artist & Educator



Desda Zuckerman
 Founder & Author 

Your Sacred Anatomy



Melanie Dewberry
 Author & Teacher 



Darcy Elman
Healer & Dancer

BLUE Iris Studio


Sarah Drew
Author & Futurist




Jassy Watson
Artist & Teacher

Earth Circle STUDIOS



Lana Holmes
Leader & Consultant



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Elizabeth Gibbons
Artist & Teacher 

Muse Days Class June 10



Amy Ahlers
Teacher & Author

MAMA Truth Circle



Shiloh Sophia
Curator & Artist



Leilani Briley
Teacher & Kahuna 

Daughters of the Goddess




Christine Arylo
Teacher & Author 

PATH of Self Love



Max Dashu

Suppressed History Archives



Jessica Hadari
Teacher & Founder

FEM Talks



Our guests will share the threads of awakening that led to the creation of their sacred work in the world. Our hourlong Alchemical Cafe episodes will include practices & inquiries for your own work.  These women are my friends and colleagues - mighty voices who author movements, methodologies & technologies both ancient & from the future. What's the common thread between them? They all gather women in circle. It's time to learn new ways of being in the world from those who have brought great ideas into form. 
~ Shiloh Sophia, Power Creatives TV Host

Are you living your sacred work?

Season 2 will go as long as it goes, likely through end of this year. By registering, you receive access to all of the one hour episodes. Some are recorded and some are live. Dates will be added as we go along. Many of our guests will offer daylong intuitive journeys via livestream and tickets will be offered as they become available.

To your cafe bring a cup of tea, journal & red thread. 



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Episodes are generally released at 10am Los Angeles | 1pm New York | 2pm Brazil | 6pm London on Fridays for an hour, about every two weeks, unless otherwise indicated. Some are livestream and others are pre-recorded.
Some of our guests will also offer a ticketed daylong class. 

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Amber Bonnici
Artist & Teacher

The Radiant Mama



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Season 2: HerStory

Watch Now -- Alchemical Cafe "Bridging Worlds"  
with Shiloh Sophia & Lana Holmes


Kayleen Asbo
Scholar and Historian