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"If writing is thinking and discovery and selection and order and meaning, it is also awe and reverence and mystery and magic.”
~ Toni Morrison

 LEGEND 2017 ::: The Cosmic Cowgirl Course

"She's a Piece of Work"
Create Your Cosmic Self-Portrait 

3 Month Painting & Writing Adventure : April 28 - July 31

Come in-person to Sonoma or Watch via Livestream or Watch Later

Your Guides: Mary "StellaMac" MacDonald, Jassy Watson &
Shiloh Sophia "Lady Laughing Cloud" 

The Cosmic Cowgirls have designed an experience for you that will catalyze your identity.


You can come in person to SONOMA. You can watch the LIVESTREAM and paint along April 28. 29. 30, or you can watch later as we have 3 whole months of spacious creativity!       

Your Guides for the Journey

Shiloh Sophia : Stella Mac : Jassy Watson

We always honor the Intentional Creativity Lineage of the women who brougt this way of working to light - Lenore Thomas Strauss, Sue Hoya Sellars, and Caron McCloud and Eden McCloud.

This lineage is ancient and futuristic and is an idea whose time has come to earth to be epxressed. 

Honoring the TEACHINGS


Using Inquiry and Intentional Creativity we will journey into our realms of consciousness. Into our interior landscape of symbols, shapes, colors, glyphs and myths to discover that which we cannot see with our ordinary eyes and ordinary reality mind. While in non-ordinary reality we will create, invent and discover.

Your path forward will be navigated and narrated from your painting and writing process. You will amaze yourself with what you discover. The painting will become your teacher and oracle that is your own unique space - and she who is your story keeper and fire tender. 


A Multi-faceted Experience in Intentional Creativity Awaits You

Dear Cosmic Being,

We are women who walk between worlds - holding paradox in the palm of our hands. We get to have way more choice in the invention of our life than most of us actually utilize. Your archetype functions as a shelter, a structure in which to design the context you live your life through - as well as develop the content that is sacred for your path. This is a chance for a new story to emerge - one where you author your own future. You will be painting your future self.


Turn towards your own story. Fall in love with what you get to create and who you get to be. Discover a deep belonging here on earth in the company of a tribe of wild wise women.

Dear Hearts,

Yes, you are "A Piece of Work"!  A masterpiece, a legend, a wild wise woman. And we at Cosmic Cowgirls are inviting all of you on a quest using the magical tools of intuitive painting, writing, cosmic connection & group flow energy to create YOU as your very own magnificent piece of work. To create your own Cosmic Portrait...

A Word of Caution: Hanging out with women of a questionable reputation may be hazardous to your current paradigm. We have been known to be a danger to the establishment.

Join us today and let's meet your legend...

Online Class 

$600 Pay in Full

In-Person Class 

$800 Pay in Full
5 Payments of $1606 Payments of $100
$600 Pay in Full6 Payments of $100

Online Class Ticket

What past students have to say
about their Legend experience...

I have a beautiful painting, am a member of an incredibly wonderful and talented group of women. I feel a measurable increase in self esteem and just happy to be alive. My favorite part about working with Shiloh, Mary and Amber was their positive reinforcement plus so much enthusiasm and wonderful teachings!! I’d recommend Legend to anyone of my friends that asks me what I think or perhaps where I learned to paint, etc.
~ Joyce

I feel my spirit has broken wide open and the light can now shine in and out.  It was a transformative weekend.  I learned more about painting in one weekend than I have in years of art classes.
Dakota Mitchell

THIS class began a journey into my creative heart I’d have never imagined….in it, I picked up a paint brush and put it to canvas for the very first time. I have not stopped painting since….it changed my life….really. I’m now proudly claiming the life of a “working artist, writer and teacher.”
TM Legendary Life

I would recommend Legend to any woman looking to find her true self or struggling on their current life’s path. It is the only thing/process that has proven helpful in my life. The process improves every time I take a workshop. I think the course is wonderful and keeps evolving as the universe tells you to- Pam

Before Legend, I had never painted a picture. I had been doing extensive study and work on the divine feminine and felt a need to move it forward. Then one morning reading Facebook this opportunity was there on the screen. I signed up.

During the course, I was able to take floating ideas and present them on a canvass. I saw something that was in my mind. So I talk with her, glance at her stare at her, move her into different rooms. And at Christmas I am going to create a gathering space around her. I can relax a little because what was floating in my mind is now on canvas. I won’t forget it. Since it was the first time, everything was new. That was exciting, scary and challenging.

Throughout the class I loved the words of support to me and others Karen Furia

It has helped me to focus on myself and question were I am and where to go from here.-  Crissie Romano

II'm thrilled with this opportunity to be mentored by you and to be with our inspiring group of legendary ladies. I am excited to see what blossoms from our time together and how this practice of intentional creativity continues to inform my beautiful life. You have created such a precious opportunity for me and women everywhere to dance with their wild and courageous selves. Yahoo!! - Karen McGinn

I have loved this course so much, and feel so blessed that you are willing to continue. I have WAY more gratitude for your beautiful heart and for the way that you honor the sacred in the art process than I can ever fully express. And I have WAY more gratitude than I can ever express for the way that this course has brought back a part of me that I had cut off years ago, and that I desperately needed back to complete the me I know I am meant to be.. These last 6 months have done just that. I have my creative self back, and I will never ignore her again! - Jenny Jones

Dearest Shiloh of my heart, Thank you for making this class available to us. Your vision and your hard work are changing my life. When I wrote my Chronicles, I had no idea that my life had been leading somewhere. It wasn’t until I put it all down that I saw that my spirit had been there all the time. Through thick and thin, I was there. Thank you for that gift. Thank you for teaching me how to paint and especially how to paint with my heart. You have been so generous to share your talent and your methods. I am proud to be a Cosmic Cowgirl and forever grateful for our connection.
– Anon. 

 I would recommend this fabulous course to those who are looking for a non- intimidating path to learning how to put paint on canvas, to give structure to words and ideas floating inside, and who are open to learning wondrous things about themselves.
~ Irene

In-Person Class Ticket

$800 Pay in Full5 Payments of $160

You will dive into a writing practice to access the threads that have woven throughout your life to discover what has held you back, what dreams have gone unrealized, what dreams you still yearn for, what have been the significant times of your life. TO LEARN AND KNOW WHAT IS LEGENDARY FOR YOU and who you want to be when you grow up! And then lay claim to her.

You are willing to dream her, commit to her and act as if you are legendary and act like the party ain’t going to happen until you get there!

Each threshold is designed to shift your perspective and teach you something precious about how you have been living your life and how you want to break out into being your own “piece of work”. It will support you into defining and creating living into your legendary life.

You will be taking steps weekly in your life that are legendary for you.

You will create a ‘Word Book’ which will help you in your writing practice.

You will create your own Legendary Credo.

Guest Teacher poet Caron McCloud will teach you to create Chapbooks to preserve your writings.

You will write different forms of poetry as poems are an access point to how we are feeling. They reveal things not conscious....access to hidden language.

Shiloh Sophia, Caron McCloud and StellaMac will discuss the writing process, practices and why they feel it is such an important creative practice in a video interview.

You will explore your writing voice, the palette of place, character development, POV (point of view) and the context of conflict through the writing process.

Access & Explore your Legendary Self through Writing 

 Caron McCloud, Poet and Shiloh's mom, will teach us how to make chapbooks from our Legend writings and poetry!

Chapbooks are small books with a large history, some with sacred paths well worth traveling. But for now, we will keep it simple and just acknowledge their originating in Europe around the 16th century. The name comes from the Old English for “trade” and references the “chapman” or dealer who sold the books.

Of the many and varied subjects of the multitudes of books which have found their fortunate way into the Chapbook form, Poetry in its many and varied forms has always been the main one. And this, dear ones, is still the case in our current 21st century. Will you join us in honoring this noble tradition?   

What's a CHAPBOOK you ask?


1. Dates: This online painting and writing class is 3 months starting April 28th - July 31st and you can work at your own pace - the videos are available through the end of the year. We begin with a live painting workshop, which you can attend live in Sonoma OR watch online and the videos will continue afterward with Shiloh Sophia. There are also circle calls every three weeks: May 10th, May 31st, June 21st, July 12th and 26th. All calls are at 6pm pst/9pm est and will be recorded..

2. Delivery: Online FB classroom, Painting Videos with Shiloh and Jassy + Guided Story process and writing exercises from Stella Mac + emails. There will also be Color of Woman Teachers to support you with your painting process and journey.

3. Materials: You will receive your materials list - canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, spray bottle, journal for notes and sketching  + a few more writing tools.

4. Time Commitment based on content: There are no weekly timing requirement but there are options. A few hours a week would be great. There will be over ten hours of videos of the 13 steps and if you don't join us live you have all 10 weeks to work on them in tandem with your story and the juicy discussions. 

What's included if I come in person? 

  • Experience Legend in person at Shiloh's MUSEA Studio in Sonoma CA with Shiloh, Jassy & Mary as your Guides. Workshop begins at 3pm on April 28th and ends at 3pm on April 30th.
  • 3 Days of Circle, Painting, Writing Salon & Sisterhood with other Legendary Women: including Red Thread Circle, ritual, painting and connection.
  • Your Painting Materials: Canvas, paints, brushes, etc...are all provided to you.
  • On-site painting support: Shiloh, Mary and Jassy will be there to offer support, guidance & to be a witness to your process.
  • Light snacks + Coffee, tea & chocolate!  Bring your lunch.

**Lodging & Meals are on your own. There is space available to book a room at MUSEA SOPHIA Inn, which is on the same property as the Studio. Learn more + see availability & rates HERE.

Photos above are from a recent Color of Woman Gathering at MUSEA Studio led by Shiloh Sophia & Mary MacDonald

“So what is asked of us, the tellers of the new story, 
is our voice and our courage.” ~ Margaret J. Wheatley


An image of you as the wildest purest self expressed you.


Self-portrait has been a way artists have done their own work and self-expression throughout the ages. It allows the artist to be both creator and subject, while representing themselves as their own piece of work!

Artists such as Frida Kahlo, Joni Mitchell, Alice Bailey, Mary Cassatt, Artemisia Gentileschi

In the 16th and 17th centuries women artists did self-portraits which helped legitimize them as artists in a male dominated field as well as affirming their artist identity.

 We invite you to enter the tradition of countless women artists who have claimed their identity through the process of self-portrait through painting and writing. What will be revealed? What will be included? Let's mystery dive into your soul space and find out!

Frida Kahlo, "Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace & Hummingbird" Mexico 1940

Joni Mitchell, " Gathered Light" Canada 2013

Shiloh Sophia, "Born This Way" US 2013

About the adventure - Painting Your Cosmic Self Portrait + Writing Your Legend + Making Life Changes + Creating a chapbook

Legend invites you out of your boxes and cages for an "experience in being". Intentional Creativity can bring us into a flow state that gives us access to the most innovative parts of our hidden consciousness. Where your soul identity can speak to you in color, shape, symbol and language. A domain where you are certainly 'too much' and where you get to show up unapologetically as your own "piece of work".  What's the mythos of your soul? Do you know? Will you ask? Does it scare you - go towards what scares you.

Has anyone ever said stuff like this to you - 'you are a piece of work lady' or 'aren't you getting a little too big for your britches' or 'just who do you think you are' or 'she's just too much' or 'aren't you putting the cart before the horse?' or other somesuch phrase that attempts to put you into their box. And often has the impact of making us feel less than and we become smaller for fear of being too big, and too loud and too found out. Yes, 'she's all that, and more' and she will have her cake and eat it too.

A Cosmic Cowgirls painting and writing journey is one where we travel in the mystery... we don't really know where we are going - but we are journeying in to find out! This will be the 9th year we have taught the LEGEND Course and hundreds of women have gone through the experience, and lived to tell.

Your legendary self is at the center of this journey, in charge of weaving your story. She can work without direction and has your whole life - but if you want to occupy your life, it is time to encounter this formidable space. Through meeting her, you will gain new insight into your own quirky genius and your true voice. She's waiting for you - perhaps even calling to you now... shhh ... do you hear her/him/them?

What's in the LEGEND Course?

* EXPRESS & PLAY : You will paint your Cosmic Self-Portrait - your Legendary Self using the 13 Step Intentional Creativity Method taught in the Color of Woman Teacher Training - in fact this course is a pre-requisite for the training. You will paint a big canvas with large brushes, lots of water and big splashes of color. Canvas size is up to you but 36X48 is suggested. The painting process will be given either live in person or livestream (yes it is recorded), your choice, and then we follow up online through additional videos, calls, online circle and so much more contextual space holding for your journey! And you will have the fabulous Art Doctors Annette Wagner, Leslie Nolan and Kate Langois to support your painting journey. 

*RISK & ACCESS : You will be guided in deep inquiry diving by StellaMac and Shiloh Sophia through an inquiry based life discovery process to 'check out' the hidden beliefs still running your story and be challenged to make big changes and make a new plan of action inspired by what you experience during legend - aliveness, play, vitality, adventure calling...what is 'Written in the Stars' - waiting for you to discover?

*INVENT & CLAIM : You will write your own story with the guidance of StellaMac - a legendary story that is informed by your painting - what you learn from it, what is revealed, what is needed for the next steps on your path - working within the realm of imagination and the subconscious you can step into a new world. You will also be writing poetry from the process that will be included in a hand - made chapbook as taught by Caron McCloud. 


Are you unconsciously choosing
 to live from a place of not enoughness? 

 We aren't here to choose

living a beige life.
 We are here to courageously invent ourselves.
 To use all the colours in the palette.

Our bodies and souls were created
 with such an infinite ability of becoming.
 Yet too often we don't continue to do the deep work
 needed to move ourselves into a new terrain of being.

Being legendary doesn't mean doing something impossible,

Being legendary means you have chosen to explore your story and
 become unapologetically yourself.
 And to choose to live from the spaciousness
 within one's own identity.

Now that is legendary.

You might wonder,
 well how do I do that deep work
 and take myself to the next level?

You create your own story. That's how.   

Explore what is yours to create and


Artemisia Gentileschi, "Self Portrait as the Allegory of Painting (Pittura)" Italy 1639

Shilo Shiv Suleman, Self Portrait India 2015

Mary Cassatt, Self Portrait US 1878

Legend Painting by Alice Rhyslynn Langlois

Legend Painting by Wendy Hartley

"Summoning the Guides" - A Cosmic Self Potrait of Shiloh Sophia's Muse from the Color of Woman Class of 2017 Demo painting

IMPORTANT Note: No painting experience needed. Why? Because this isn't about talent. This isn't about knowing technique. This is only about one thing - your personal journey. In fact, you may be surprised to know that the less skill you have in actual painting practice, the potentially deeper you can go into the mystery since you cannot dominate the process with know how.

That said, if you DO have painting experience, or you have already done legend, it also works because it keeps you current. Shiloh Sophia has painted her legend about 15 times and discovers what's next for the journey every single time, it's fresh.

Color of Woman 2018 Applicants will receive a $100 credit on tuition.

Sue Sellars Legendary Self Portraits

Who is this consciousness that lives in here? ~ Sue Hoya Sellars

About Your Guides

Shiloh Sophia McCloud is a visionary artist and teacher. She has dedicated the past twenty years of her life to art as a path of healing through painting, writing and teaching intentional creativity. Through her art galleries, representing hundreds of women artists internationally, she has brought the work of exploring the feminine archetype into a methodology of personal transformation. At the core of her work is a belief that the right to self express is one of the most basic human rights – having access to what we think, feel, know, believe and want to create in our lives.

She is the founder of global transformational educational establishments that meet online and in person including Cosmic Cowgirls University, a woman and girl owned school and publishing house, Color of Woman School which is a Teacher Training Program for the Arts and The Intentional Creatives Guild, a global tribe of women in service to Intentional Creativity™.

Shiloh is a published author of over 5 books on creative expression, business as a visionary path and poetry. Her classroom is located in Sonoma, California. She lives life as a great adventure, along with her husband, Jonathan Lewis.   

Mary Macdonald aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile.

She is passionate about creating our lives through the lens of a feminine paradigm that incorporates creativity, story telling and conversation. As a Coach and Consultant for the past 12 years in Canada and the United States, her gifts are supporting individuals and organizations in creating a life that is true to their own unique gifts and flow.

Over the past ten years working with Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis as the Director of Cosmic Cowgirls and as Co-Director of the Color of Woman Teacher’s Training Mary has taught and witnessed the transformation of hundreds of women as they began to live their own legendary lives, claim their own voice and become re-aquainted with their creative selves.

Jassy Watson is a formally trained artist having studied at the Brisbane Institute of Art and Morningside College of Art. She has a strong sense of social responsibility and approaches her art as a form of environmental activism with many of her works exploring ecological themes. Jassy’s paintings give voice to the earth and serve as reminders of an ancient sacred connection between humans and nature. Her images and written works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and published in a number of international journals, magazines, blogs and books. She assists with coordinating Nationwide Earth Arts projects and participates in a diverse range of regional community arts projects, including founding a grass-roots not-for-profit community organization, WWHAG – Wide Bay Women’s Healing Arts Guild.

As the creatress of Earth Circle Studios, small schools for the alternative arts, in Queensland and Melbourne, Jassy is passionate about providing space that encourages earth connection and self-expression. As a teacher and Intentional Creativity ™ Coach, guiding women and girls on sacred creative journeys designed to inspire, transform and awaken creative self and deepen connections to the earth keeps the fire in her belly burning bright. An adventurous spirit and a love of history have seen Jassy travel to many parts of the world. She teaches nationally and internationally having run retreats in Greece and upcoming in Scotland.

 If she’s not in the studio you’ll find her tending her award winning organic garden or baking raspberry muffins in the kitchen with her little ones. While Jassy is passionate about many things and lives to follow her dreams and to inspire others to do the same, she also seeks to live a simple and humble life with her loves; barefoot and still wearing pajamas at midday.

What does your cosmic self  want to reveal to you?
 What are the the deliciously quirky "pieces" of you that are calling to live large?
 The stories are hidden within you....waiting....

Pan Yuliang, Self Portrait China 1940

Faith Ringold, Self Portrait US 1965

Alice Bailly, Self Portrait Germany 1917

Alice Endresz, Self Portrait Hungary 1899

Louis Catherine Breslau,
Self Portrait France 1891

Tamara de Lempicka, "My Portrait (Self-Portrait In The Green Bugatti)" Poland 1929

Louise C Fenne, "Women in the act of painting" Denmark 2012

Zinaida Serebriakova, Self Portrait
France 1884

Louise Elizabeth, Self Portrait
France 1790

Therese Schwartze, Self Portrait Netherlands 1887

Portrait below by Artist, Shilo Shiv Suleman, "Beloved" India 2015

More Self Portraits from Women Artists making their mark in the world through bold art & creativity.

"She's a Piece of Work" - I cannot wait to film and be in person with Shiloh Sophia, Mary MacDonald and Caron McCloud for the next series of LEGEND. Until I started Colour of Woman training and signed up to be a Cosmic Cowgirl in 2013 I never thought of an act so brazen as inventing my own archetype. When I brought my first legend painting into being it was like I was really, truly seeing myself for the very first time ever. Saddle up and join us for the ride :) ~ Jassy Watson

with special guests, Caron McCloud, Jenafer Joy
Plus Art Doctors - Annette Wagner, Leslie Nolan & Kate Langlois


This process will be led by none other than the FABULOUS Jenafer Joy. You will take a photo of yourself that reflects all of you through your clothing choices, where you are photographed, what you are holding and what story is yours to tell by the authentic beauty of your eyes. Through this process it will support you in integrating your journey with a whimsical self portrait process. Clarify and claim the details of this new self so you can move forward in your new story powerfully! 

Adrian Piper, 1981 Self Portrait, "Exaggerating My Negroid Features"

Betty and George Woodman, 1979 Self Portrait, New York

Germaine Krull, 1925 Self Portrait with Cigarette and Camera 

Lalia Essaydi, Morocco Self Portrait 

Cindy Sherman, 1984 Self Portrait

Margaret Bourke-White, 1933 Self Portrait

Oh and that cosmic part. Ya, well we aren't going to tell you too much about that now besides that there is stardust and dark matter and group flow involved and you will have to ride into the stars to find out what is 'written in the stars' for you. The painting and writing will reveal the next great adventure, your LEGEND waiting for you to show up. You will be painting a cosmic self portrait of your ancient and future self who has information for you...