JUNE 3, 3pm   SONOMA, California

Eccentric Salon + Concert + Poetry + Art + Gourmet BBQ + Your Gypsy Muse

- A Private Salon Event - 

 A dynamic afternoon and evening  of juicy inspiration to spark your Gypsy Muse. He/She who loves adventure and celebration
Art Show by Shiloh Sophia featuring Intentional Creativity painting demonstrations from the past 7 years 
Soulful Concert by renowned duo couple, Gypsy Soul, with Stirring Roots, Pop and Jazz 
Poetry Reading and Book Signing from Tea with the Midnight Muse, Shiloh Sophia's recent release
Champagne Taste + BBQ + Dessert with optional wine tasting from Rancho Maria


Dishing up Summer Inspiration for Eccentric Souls


Schedule Subject to the Muse - Our afternoon is designed for our guests to experience inspiration for their gypsy muse - what is calling to your soul this Summer? Enter the spirit of Summertime in Wine Country for festivities to delight your senses.

Art Show and Champagne Tasting with Jewelry from Espiritu Jewelry

Salon discussions on the Muse, Poetry Reading and Book Signing from Shiloh Sophia

BBQ from Chef Jonathan Lewis with no host wine pouring from Sebastian at Rancho Maria.

GYPSY SOUL CONCERT: Starting with Poetry from Shiloh Sophia

3:00-4:00 PM

4:00-4:45 PM

4:45-6:00 PM

6:00-7:30 PM

 Gypsy Soul in Concert at Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch in the Carneros


© Copyright 2017 

Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch - 75 Fremont Drive 
(Big Bend - Hwy 121 and 116)
 Sonoma, CA 95476

Parking is limited so please make an effort to carpool. Traffic getting into SONOMA is also very busy in the Summer any which way you are coming from - so give yourself plenty of time. Under usual circumstances it is 45 minutes from San Francisco. Not enough space? Park at the Park and Ride 

near the intersection of 121 and 116

Questions : shilohsophia@gmail.com

Gypsy Soul

Authentic and excellence are the words most often used to describe Gypsy Soul and their music. The duo's multicultural heritage helps inform both their message and sound, attracting audiences with their soulful blend of Roots, Pop, Blues and Jazz and a DIY back story every bit as compelling. 

"A musical marriage that spans the globe, a self-invented, organic sound that has roots in rock and soul, country and folk, blues.... with vocals and lyrics intertwined like a pair of life-long partners inspiring others to follow their dreams.” - Hits Daily Double Magazine 

Like its creators, their music is much like fine fusion cuisine; Italian, Irish, South African and Ukrainian to be precise. As with any work of art, their music is born from heartache and struggle, love and determination infused with many textures, nuance and flavors. Their message is both universal and intimate, familiar yet otherworldly. 

Gypsy Soul is gourmet music for music lovers.” - K-LOS Radio 

Their humble story as immigrants combined with their unwavering passion and independent ethos has merited Gypsy Soul’s, Cilette Swann (US/CAN) and Roman Morykit (UK), a permanent place in the hearts of their fans and continued media recognition.

Over the years they have produced 13 independent CDs and although there is always a through-line with Morykit’s rich orchestrations and Swann’s captivating lyrics (and near 4-octave vocal range,) you will never hear two songs alike. 

"Gypsy Soul has family roots that stretch across the globe, and their musical influences are equally far-flung. (The) duo offers music from deep within their souls." - Tacoma Weekly 

"They can really push the barriers from crisp electric guitar chops to intricate acoustic finger styling. The vocals have spirit but great touch on each syllable.  This has quality written all over it but there is no pretension here, only sincere delivery of fine music.” - Folk World (Germany) 

British-born Morykit, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer whose musical roots dig back to his childhood training in classical piano. After several years in London as a highly sought-after studio musician and fretless bassist for the emerging band Raising Cain (with whom he was signed to A&M Records,) Roman relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland to pursue new musical opportunities.    

Swann possesses a versatile, intense and expression-filled singing voice.  Roman is an accomplished musician…his mixing and production on this set is totally top drawer.” - Maverick UK 

There he met Canadian-born singer/lyricist Swann, who had also recently relocated to Edinburgh after years of traveling in Europe and living in Paris, singing with famed French Jazz artist, Alain Mion. The two began writing and recording together and quickly fell in love. Love led to marriage, marriage led to relocating to Hollywood, and while in Hollywood, Gypsy Soul was born. 

"Roman’s fluid guitar embraces Cilettes’ soulful vocals as they forge a musical journey of deep questions, curiosities and illuminations.
- Sue Ennis (Heart)     

Over their 20 year professional career, the pair have had a Top 40 A/C hit with “Silent Tears” and have won numerous songwriting and performance awards including: International Acoustic Music Awards, Independent Music Awards, Lilith Fair, Performing Songwriter’s Top DIY Artists, Just Plain Folks and others.   

They form a perfect melodic support for crystalline vocals in mostly acoustic songs that are marshalled from folk to jazz…Exquisite craftsmanship no less.” -  Written in Music (Belgium) 

Morykit, Gypsy Soul’s producer shares that he feels True, their newest CD, is their most unique CD to date. "It’s a combination of both a live and a studio record. We like to call it a performance record as we limited ourselves to one or two takes in to keep the performances fresh,”
states Morykit. 

"The duo’s interpretations of “Hallelujah” and “Amazing Grace” are astonishingly fresh and filled with poignancy.” - Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics 

 They've earned over 1.6 million downloads and garnered Critic’s Choice in over 70 magazines and newspapers.  They have traveled over 500,000 miles, performing in venues from 200-2,000 seats and selling out theaters such as Triple Door and Musical Instrument Museum. 

"Gypsy Soul is one of the most brilliantly instrumented and vocally adept bands alive and kicking.” - Orange County Weekly 

Their songs may strike a familiar chord from their many airings on the hit TV shows: Providence, Roswell, Felicity and 90210and motion picture films: After Sex and Quick Sand.  However most recently, songs from True are being reviewed and played throughout the US, UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.   

"I really enjoyed Gypsy Soul's True! They are a truly unique sound.” - Aaron Neville




$97 Gypsy Muse Supper Club admission to an intimate event, limited to 40 guests Includes champagne tasting, organic farm-2-table bbq sit down dinner, dessert, concert, door prizes and gifts from the artists including a downloadable copy of the new Gypsy Soul album: True & access to one of Shiloh's $75 Muse Class

SUPPER CLUB TICKET $97 or (2 payments of $50)



Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan Lewis are known for throwing parties to remember. This is the third of such 'eccentric' supper clubs that the two have cooked up - a combined weaving of Jonathan's lifetime of culinary experience and Shiloh's love of art and poetry.

The couple enjoys what they call 'cafe' each day - morning or evening which consists of the ingredients of beverages, music, poetry and conversation - yes, a salon. This is part of their practice as a couple and as creatives. These experiences are their offering to their community and they are thrilled to collaborate with others to bring you on-going supper clubs.

When the two met in 2011, they discovered a mutual love of the music of Gypsy Soul - and one day while riding down the highway in their little white convertible in the Carneros they got an idea in their noggins. What if Gypsy Soul could do a concert right here with us at Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch? SO we combined forces and are bringing you, Gypsy Muse, a soulful inspirational eventing of art, poetry, music, food and great and likely eccentric company....

VENUE & Collaborators

All proceeds go directly to the artists who collaborated to create this event. 

Wine/Beer Bar Available - No outside beverages allowed. Must have a designated driver to partake :) 

Shiloh Sophia, a poet and painter will be featuring her poetry as well as have a backdrop of original paintings for sale for the first time in about seven years. She will have books for sale and will offer a signing.

Jonathan Lewis, an trained chef has worked with some of the greats!

Jonathan Lewis was born in rural West Virginia in 1962. He started work very young with a constellation of tasks as they are often required in agrarian life. His family supported early efforts in art and music. His uncle was the school music teacher and his aunt the school art teacher. His mother was a surgical nurse that had travelled well with the US Army in western post-war Europe and encouraged all classical forms of education. Jonathan had 3 years of Latin and one year of greek before leaving school, as always knew there was a big world out there and the military offered that chance.

He joined the US Air Force and became a Para-Rescue Specialist and served in the Philippines and Japan until he was severely injured in a helicopter incident on the island of Mindinao. He was retired by the military at that time. Upon exiting the military at Travis AFB, near San Francisco, without work or skills that were applicable to his military life, he started a long career in the food and beverage business with a prestigious job of washing up the dishes.

Ambition and curiosity paid off as soon he was moving through the kitchen positions and eventually became Chef Tournant and then on to Sous Chef and eventually an Executive Chef. He went on to own three of his own restaurants in the Dallas – Fort Worth market and worked with some of the most celebrated Chefs of the day, including Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse, Carlos Guia, Bradley Ogden and his ultimate friend and mentor, Chef Charlie Trotter, who also advanced his desire and knowledge of fine wines and crafted in him a refined sense and dedication to personal excellence.

Over the years, he has served as consultant and guide for some varied and interesting clients. His list of employers, clients and projects includes Universal Studios Florida (where he managed $63M in sales), The Bass Family Partners of Ft. Worth, Lawry’s The Prime Rib (Asia), Commander’s Palace, The Venetian (Lutece), Caesars Palace (Bradley Ogden), BOA/Sushi Roku, The Palazzo Hotel (Charlie Trotters) and Saison (San Francisco) as a member of service teams that have been awarded many Michelin Stars. He has owned and operated clothing manufacturing businesses as well as candy factories, specialty food importation business and a technology services for hospitality firm.

After the financial downturn of 2008, he exchanged passion for his trade and liquidated his then 5 businesses and moved to San Francisco permanently. There he opened his art trade and took up studio at American Steel in Oakland, an entire city block of converted steel factory turned industrial art complex, working with the Burning Man Organization as well as CouchSurfing International, creating photo essays of travel, hitchhiking and writing poetry. During this time, his world collided with Shiloh Sophia and the rest of the story lives on here in this site. After collaborating with Shiloh Sophia on her various art installations, galleries and projects and three years of visits to the United Nations (2017 is year 5), the Intentional Creativity Foundation is crafted and alive!


"I had a delightful evening at Shiloh & Jonathan's Supper Club. The food was absolutely exquisite. Chef Jonathan selects each course carefully, creating uniquely prepared, one-of-a-kind farm to table selections. I spent the evening enjoying sparkling conversation in the company of a delightful circle of people at my table. A lovely time of feasting and fun festivities. Shiloh and Jonathan's complementary expertise combines to create an absolutely exquisite experience." ~ A.C. 

"Supper clubs designed and hosted by chef Jonathon & artist Shiloh Sophia are a fusion of sensations. The atmosphere is charged with elements that bring to mind the grand eras of the past; reminding me of a fusion of Le Bell Époque meets Great Gatsby meets the avant-garde beatnik era. The cuisine is sublime something like a synthesis of French molecular cuisine and fresh local farm to table, and something altogether knew. It is an evening of sensory experiences that light up the imagination and inspire creativity." ~ M.M.